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Kozlovnyy is a young land on the western slopes of the Ad Cravan Mountains and the Rhuannadaraight. Contact with the more developed cultures of the south and west are beginning to change the Vos who live here. Once the Khinasi state of Medec, many Khinasi laws and customs have survived the conquest and influence the Vos who now rule.

[top]Life and Society

Kozlov noble womanKozlov noble woman

The Voivod is weak, having only minimal law holdings; his boyars, or lesser nobles, administer their own lands. Vos society obligates the individual to seek justice directly if wronged, so feuds and duels remain common despite the voivod's efforts to outlaw them. The bitter rivalry exists between outlawed Temple of Might (faithful of Belinik and Kriesha, the traditional gods of Vos) and the worship of Avani divides the Vos nobles and freesteaders from Khinasi townsfolk in Kozlovnyy and it could lead to bloodshed. Nowhere in Kozlovnyy can one see the Khinasy influence better then in economic maters. The Northern Traders Guild and Gradny Coster carefully maneuver to dominate the kingdom's abundant resources. The Voivod has forbidden the practice wizardry, but the powerful Swan Mage controls several sources surrounding the enchanted Swanwood.

[top]The Land

This young land on the western slopes of the Rhuannadaraight forest possesses a great potential for growth and expansion. Kozlovnyy represents a remarkable example of how the contact with more developed culture can enlighten and elevate barbaric people without removing the values and vigor that define them.
Unfortunately, Kozlovnyy finds itself surrounded by enemies, even the Vos of neighboring Molochev consider it a kingdom of weaklings; border skirmishes crop up often.


Aziev cityAziev city

Aziev is the former capital of the country. The city itself was built on the ruins of Medec. Two rulers holds courts in Aziev, one is Sacha Kaptrev, the guild master of Northern Traders Guild, and the other is leader of the underground Temple of Might, Vos high priest Pyerun Chernevik. The Voivod's court has moved south in Gradny long ago, but the voivod still has some influence in the city and in the province.


Dansk zhupa can be found east of Aziev. The north and south of this woodland is sheltered within two chains of mountains.

[top]Dwarf's Deeping

Dwarf's Deeping is a rugged, mountainous zhupa, and only the pass through the Ad Cravan Mounatins leads to it. The pass is called Craven Gate and it leads to the fortress of the same name in Besa´am. There is little traffic these days, as Besa´am and Kozlovnyy do not enjoy warm relations.


Dzernin is a wooded zhupa located south of the Ad Cravan Mountains bordering the lands of Besa´am.


Forestmarch is a land where two mighty rivers merge, the Zha´nge River and Tsongya River. It is also exposed to occasional attacks by Tarvan Waste raiders. The favor is often returned in the same measure by the Kozlovs.


Gradny is the new capital of the country. Voivod Vladimir Nikailov holds his court here as well as Halimah el-Nasib, guild master of Gradny Coster. The city itself is the best example of Khinasi influence among the Vos with its huge bazaars and rich palaces.


Highvale zhupa is located in the south-eastern corner of the country, bordering Rhuannach, Besa´am, and lands of Black Spear Tribes. The land is set on a high plateau and is rich with clear water streams and beautiful forests. Most of its people work in orchards or breed cattle under the blessings of Avani.


Movorsk is the most eastern part of Kozlovnyy. The land is wild and desolate, and few dare even to cross it. Only the bravest of hunters from neighboring zhupas hunt there. Some say that beasts here are more vicious and cunning than in any other forest in the realm.


Novgorik is a land between two rivers, the mighty Zha´nge River and its tributary, the Mandov´ River. The land is flat and fertile and is named after its capital Novogor, a small fort located on the largest hill in the province. Occasional raids from the giants of Broken Hills menace the people in this zhupa.

[top]Ras Medecin

Ras Medecin (Basarji for "Medecian Forest") is the most northern zhupa and it borders Kal Kalathor and Cwmb Bheinn. This was the hunting ground of old Medecian nobility, and now it is the only Avanian zhupa in northern Kozlovnyy.


Sovradaloy is a large wooded zhupa, located north of the Ad Cravan Mountains bordering Cwmb Bheinn and Besa´am.


The Swanwood is a forest of breathtaking beauty and only the Voivod has a right to hunt there, but the true lord of that forest is a powerful sorceress known as the Swan Mage. She has driven the Voivod's hunt away with force at least once.


Tarvonyy zhupa is located south of the Swanwood. An old Anuirean highway that connects old Medeci with Djira and Mesire passes through the province.

[top]Tsongya Vale

Tsongya Vale zhupa is one of the richest in the country. The Tsongya River flows through the center of the zhupa, so its fields are always irrigated and its harvests are fruitful. The only thing that is slowing its progress is a constant fear of Elves and Molochev raiders.


Before Deismaar Vos tribes hunted in these lands, only to be driven north across the Tsongya River by the Anuirean Emperor Roele. The Khinasi colonized this land and established the realm of Medec, which prospered for almost twelve hundred years before being overrun by Vos invaders from across the Tsongya River more than three centuries ago.
Before the coming of Roele, the Vos dwelled on the great plateau between Coullabhie and Tuar Annwn. Almost before he had finished his conquest of the Basarji, Roele moved north, driving the Vos across the Tsongya River. The Vos retreated into the uncharted north, home previously only to goblins and beasts. Roele continued his advance, slowed only by the cruel winter. Belinik and Kriesha then entered the fray. Unable to convince their tribesmen to unite, the Vos gods instead turned to the Awnsheghlien, driving them to dominate the Vos and lead them, and the goblins of Vosgaard against Roele.
Roele fought in Vosgaard for several years, gaining land in summer only to be driven back in winter until finally he simply decided nothing more could be gained. He had conquered all the lands of value and "left the barbarians to starve in the barren lands of the north". He had driven the Vos from the civilized lands of Cerilia, and greatly reduced their numbers; he would be content with what he had achieved. That the conquest of Vosgaard could not be completed without exceptional cost is implicit in many Anuirean texts of the time.
From that time until just over three centuries ago, the Vos lived to the north, including the surface lands of Kal Kalathor, but living there meant constant war with the goblins who lived below. With the collapse of the Empire, the Brecht realm of Horstmarch and the Khinasi realm of Medec were left to their own defenses. These realms proved very tempting since they meant an end to the constant war with the goblins and the booty of civilized realms. The realm of Horstmarch had a very small population, many of which were descended from Imperial veterans. The Vos overran it quickly and settled the lands as Molochev. Medec was better defended, wealthy, and prosperous. But eventually the goblins pressed harder and harder on the Vos who remained and Igor NIkailov, leader of the Vos, rallied all of his followers and crossed the Tsongya River in a bid to conquer Medec, or die trying.
In several grueling years of campaigning the Igor and his Vos warriors pressed south, although they learned to respect the Khinasi warriors and their learned and sophisticated tactics and organization. Three hundred and twenty-eight years ago, the city of Medeci fell and the Khinasi resistance collapsed. Igor declared his new realm Kozlovnyy.
The Vos priests soon turned their eye back north, tiring of the comforts of conquest and yearning for the constant conflict of suppressing the goblins of Kal Kalathor. Only through such constant struggle had the Vos maintained their fighting spirit. But the ruler of the new Vos state, Igor, had no intention of abandoning their conquests and returning to the north. The Medecians had been strong and worthy opponents. Igor respected them and their ways and wanted to learn from them, to combined the strengths of a more developed culture without losing all of the vigor they had brought to their new realm. Igor Nikailov and Vasily Chernevik, the high priest, fought over the leadership of the new Kozlovs. Where Igor wanted to add the strengths of the Medecians to Kozlovnyy, both in numbers and in some of their laws and customs, High Priest Vasily wanted nothing of the corrupt and decadent Khinasi to dilute the Vos spirit. So intent on moving back north was he that he began rebuilding the fortress of the old city of Medeci (now renamed Aziev) and constructed a great Temple of Might to act as the great base from which to return to Kal Kalathor.
This difference in regard to the assimilation of Khinasi culture and continued war with Kal Kalathor divided Igor and Vasily irrevocably. Igor embraced the fiery spirit of Avani, a temple with a warrior's burning spirit, and the civilization of the Khinasi. Vasily placed the Ban of Belinik on Igor, excommunicating him, and Igor responded by outlawing the Temple of Might.
Even now, the struggle continues for the soul of the Kozlovs.


Allies: Kozlovnyy has no real allies, Djiran exiles from Rhuannach and Sidhe from Cwmb Bheinn trade with them occasionally, but no stronger diplomatic agreement has been forged.

Many realms dislike Kozlovnyy, but the greatest threat is northern neighbor Molochev, the bastion of the Torva Vos.
Innishiere elves dislike any humans, Vos especially, but they are not aggressive and stay closed in their forest, for now.
People of Besa´am, the old Medecians, distrust the Vos invaders and people who stayed under their yoke. Luckily their new ruling awnshegh, the Lamia, has her mind occupied with her elven neighbors. The giants from the Broken Hills province in the realm of the Basilisk occasionally raid the southern provinces, but also occasionally trade with Kozlov traders.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Kozlovnyy
Aziev (4/3)VN (2)TM (4)NTG(3)*Swa (2)
Dansk (1/6)-TM (1)NTG (1)Swa (2)
Dwarf's Deeping (1/5)-FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Dzernin (2/5)VN (1)FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Forestmarch (2/3)VN (1)TM (2)Grd (2)Swa (1)
Gradny (4/3)VN (2)TM (2)Grd (3)*-
Highvale (2/5)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (1)-
Movorsk (0/7)----
Novgorik (2/3)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (2)-
Ras Medecin (1/6)-FDA (1)NTG (1)-
Sovradaloy (2/5)VN (1)TM (2)NTG (2)Swa (2)
Swanwood (0/7)---Swa (7)
Tarvonyy (1/4)-TM (1)Grd (1)Swa (1)
Tsongya Vale (3/2)VN (1)TM (3)NTG (3)Swa (1)
* indicates a fortified holding
Abbreviations: VN = Vladimir Nikailov (Kozlovnyy); TM = Temple of Might (Pyerun Chernevik); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); NTG = Northern Traders Guild (Sacha Kaptrev); Grd = Gradny Coster (Halimah el-Nasib); Swa = The Swan Mage (Marya Nivernny).

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