Aebrynis is an earth-like world with several continents including Cerilia, the default setting for a Birthright Campaign. Aebrynis's other known continents include Aduria and Djapar. The Book of Priestcraft does not state that that there is any one creation myth that is widely held to be true in the various religions found throughout Cerilia. DMs preparing to run a Birthright campaign are encouraged to devise their own creation myths if doing so will help to define their campaign.

Below are examples of fan-fiction creation myths:
There is no official map of Aebrynis, though some fans have designed speculative cartography.

[top]Aebrynis and the Shadow World

Aebrynis and the Shadow World were once one and the same place. However, many years in the past, before the Battle of Mount Deismaar, something happened. For some unknown reason, the world broke into two forms. Aebrynis is the Daylight World and the other is the Shadow World.

This affected many of the world's inhabitants, but none so like the proto-elves or Sie. Not only did their world take on two forms, but so did they. They became Sidhelien or elves in Aebrynis and the Seelie or faeries in the Shadow World. Some believe that this was a splitting of souls such that every elf has a corresponding member of the seelie.

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