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Rhuobhe is situated between Boeruine and Tuornen, with borders also on Taeghas and Avanil. The two immensely strong kingdoms on either side of the realm are all that keep the Manslayer from taking the Aelvinnwode back from the humans. Likewise, the fact that Rhuobhe controls the major outlet through the mountains, Clearwater Pass, is the only thing that keeps Avanil and Boeruine from attacking each other outright.

[top]Life and Society

A group of fewer than a thousand elves has stuck by Rhuobhe throughout his long years. Those who are killed are replaced by their children, and some say that elves from Tuarhievel and the Sielwode come to learn the ways of hatred to take back to their people. The elves of Rhuobhe, though civilized and proud, share the goal of Rhuobhe himself: to drive the humans from the land. Their highest honor they reserve for one who kills a human of noble blood. War parties occasionally steal out to raid human lands. It's said that tunnels in the Seamist Mountains, leading all the way to Tuarhievel, hold still more of Rhuobhe's elves. Some even whisper that the elves are in league with the orogs and goblins under the mountains.

[top]The Land

[top]Rhuobhe (2/9)

Consider Rhuobhe at once both kingdom and province. It is as developed as any elf land - that is, hardly developed at all. It has no cities, temples or guilds.
The truly beautiful land of Rhuobhe possesses an undercurrent of savagery, outlined in the very posture of the trees. It's as undeveloped a country as a traveler might chance upon, though the elves carefully tend the trees to keep them green and healthy even through the freezing Western winters.

The Tower Ruannoch sits on the shores of Clearwater Lake, which casts back a reflection of the tower in a more pristine state. The lake is fed by pure mountain streams that pour down from the Seamier Mountains into Rhuobhe.


The land of Rhuobhe takes its name from Rhuobhe the Elf, called the Manslayer, and one of the original awnsheghlien. One of the few elves who did not renounce Azrai at Deismaar, Rhuobhe absorbed a goodly part of the god's essence and now rules a tiny domain wedged between Tuornen, Taeghas, and Boeruine. It is one of the last elf lands in the Aelvinnwode, and Rhuobhe always seeks to expand his territory.


Only Rhuobhe has any stake in his own land. Though some people certainly would love to influence Rhuobhe, none of those who try actually live long enough to do so. Folks call the Elf "Manslayer" for good reason, and he does not negotiate with humans - at least, not seriously. He plays at diplomacy solely for his own amusement, but he has sent back far too many diplomats' heads for any regent to seriously consider ambassadorial missions to his realm.

The Elf hates all humans, even more so now than when he joined forces with evil. He goes out of his way to kill any human he can: man, woman, or child, but especially regents. He sees himself as protector of the forests and guardian of a lost elven way of life and takes an active part in destroying the Anuireans around him. He is willing to work with humans, but only to cause even greater harm to them eventually; he always betrays those who have allied themselves with him.

A fierce opponent, Rhuobhe remains unflinching in his dedication to returning Cerilia to the elves. He has lived for well over a thousand years now, and his outlook toward the ?human encroachers? grows steadily worse with each passing year. He broods in the Tower Ruannoch, a single blackened spire that rises high above the forest around it, and he formulates his plans of destruction.

[top]Important Figures

Rhuobhe has no lieutenants as such, but trusts all his band equally. Thus, each of them works to match the ferocity and hatred of their liege. In essence, then, Rhuobhe has a small army of lieutenants to deal with problems that might arise, or to send out as agents of agitation or espionage.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Rhuobhe Manslayer is the ruler of Rhuobhe, but also controls source in Tuornen. These are considered seperatly.


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Rhuobhe domain table


Rhuobhe (2/9)
Rh (2)
Rh (9)
Abbreviations: Rh=Rhuobhe the Elf (Rhuobhe)


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Rhuobhe's holdings in Tuornen domain table


  • Law: The Elf controls all the law here.
  • Temples: Rhuobhe's elves have no temple, Elves do not worship gods.
  • Guilds: Human concept of guild and commerce have no meaning for Rhuobhe's elves.
  • Source: Rhuobhe dominates the magic of his kingdom.

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