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Resources: Iron, copper, spiced lamb and pork sausages.
Population: 11,750


The barren mountains of Starkhundt make this province appear only marginally more habitable than Kantswach although the bays along the coast are far more welcoming. As with the other mountainous coastal provinces of Danigau most of the villages line the coast and survive mainly on fishing.


Notable towns are Whitecap, a mining community just a few hundred so high in the mountains that the snow lies deep all year long and many of those who first travel to the mines become ill from the thin air. Whitecap is known for the purity of the iron drawn from its mines.
Coal is found further east at Ebondell and the smelters of the prison town often cause smoke to hang over the valley for weeks, every few years local weather conditions thicken the smoke to a lethal smog that causes the Count to order that something be done. Nothing ever is and the life expectancy of those unfortunate enough to live in Ebondell is truly shocking, very few women live in the grimy dale and most of the miners and smelters are prisoners earning their freedom watched over by the oft brutal guards of the Baronet.
The largest town is Clearwater; home to a bustling community of 1,750 or so that includes a number of Halflings and even a few dwarves. Clearwater used to have sizable shipyards but these burned to the ground two years ago; the Burgundy Slepsid still has a bounty of 5,000gp offered to whoever gives information leading to the annihilation of those responsible, for fires of such ferocity never burn in the damp air of Danigau without some assistance.
Clearwater is noted for a spring of fresh water that springs from the mountains two miles to the north and keeps the town supplied with water even in the depths of winter ? the fast flowing river never freezes. Clearwater is ruled by Baron Heinrich Stark, a cruel man who never forgives a slight or perceived injury; the baron is however fiercely effective, his sheriffs ruthlessly root out criminals and his councils are noted for their austerity.

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The Ice Palace. An impressive title for the a series of chilly damp caves that open onto the Krakennauricht claimed by the Ice Lady, the ice palace is home to the Ice Lady and holds many fell beasts and dire secrets. The air around the palace is barely above freezing even in mid-summer and the coast is deserted for several miles on either side. Within the Ice Palace the temperature is below freezing even in the height of summer and all surfaces in the caves are covered in ice, sculpted to the whim of the Ice Lady.
Those poor fools who follow a kidnapped villager or stolen fishing boat to the palace are set upon by the Ice Lady?s guards and never seen again, the location of the cave is known only to Ice Lady?s faithful and she wants it kept that way.
Dorn?s Stand. This old dwarven hall lies deep within the province, once a thriving mining hall the inhabitants were wiped out by some unnamed horror which smashed in their doors one terrible winter a century or more ago and hunted the doomed dwarves through their halls. Ghosts and worse haunt this place although treasure seekers continue to dare the upper levels in search of old dwarven treasures.
Grumbar?s house. This warren of caves is home to several dire bears led; it is said, by the legendary Grumbar, a bear of vast proportions with a hide impervious to normal weapons. The Grumbar occasionally rouses itself to attack miners although this has not occurred recently.

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