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[top]Morritz Kant

Male Brecht Fighter 7
Minor bloodline of Brenna, 14
CG Medium Humanoid
Cha 14, Con 16, Dex 9, Int 14, Str 17, Wis 10.
No blood abilities

Avast there! Reef your sails lad; yon girl's a lady and deserves a more measured approach!
Ho captain, what news of Berhagen? Does Ludwig still pursue the pirate Martel the Red? I have news, and a grand opportunity if you know some stalwart blades?

Morritz no longer sails as much as he once did, although he jokes that his knees predict the weather so well he is more use now to the fishermen than when he used to climb the rigging. A bluff hearty man Morritz has a good word for everyone and a cruel word for none. He can be loud at times when angered but his anger is like the summer storm - all sudden gusts, gone in a few moments with no sign of its passage. Morritz is loved by his people and called "papa bear" in a dozen local tales.

Morritz often goes "hunting the monsters" in the mountains of Kantswach, over the years this has become less an exercise in culling the excess numbers of ogres, etc. and more one in 'cheering up' lonely, isolated women in the mountains.

[top]Emma Kant

Female Brecht Rogue 3
Minor bloodline of Brenna, 10
CG Medium Humanoid
Cha 14, Con 16, Dex 14, Int 14, Str 10, Wis 10
No blood abilities

Ogres in the mountains you say? Of course we will send aid - a dozen warriors will leave before noon!
Frederick, find me some stalwart blades before my father hears of this - he is far too old to fight ogres whatever he believes.

Emma is Morritz's firstborn, or at least the eldest recognized child. An adept conciliator and negotiator she is more patient than her father but also more willing to compromise. A good friend of the Countess Emma has often urged the Count to rescind the ban on settlements deeper in the mountains and in the western end of the province, in particular she would like to build a fort in the shadow of Mt Reisig to stop the goblins raiding into Kantswach. The Count adamantly opposed this plan without ever saying why.

[top]Great Aunt Katrina

Great Aunt Katrina is an ancient Danigau said to be a relative of Wulf blessed with immortality by the gods. Old and crotchety enough to get away with any behavior, now matter how appalling, the matriarch of Danigau is a legend in the realm for shaming miscreants and ensuring that the boastful get their comeuppance with a combination of wit, caustic comments and the boundless bad manners of the elderly.

Infamous for her tart observations and political 'gaffes' Great Aunt Katrina may have a history of leaving chaos in her wake, but many couples too shy to make the first move find solace together after her passage, long hidden grudges are aired and thus bereft of power and in innumerable other ways long-term problems are resolved and surprising alliances formed by Great Aunt Katrina's actions.
The redoubtable Great Aunt Katrina is seen only every decade or two but her occasional 'laws' are generally followed despite her absence. Great Aunt Katrina lives on the slope of Mount Reisig in defiance of the ancient laws against settlements away from the shore and has done so for at least a millennia and possibly longer.

Katrina is rumored to possess great magic and wealth, she always seems well informed of the goings-on in Danigau despite her isolation; the Counts of Danigau have sought her advice for centuries.

Although it is seldom mentioned in tales or amongst the great and good, Great Aunt Katrina's magical might is said to be legendary; she wishes Kantswach left nearly unpopulated and so it has been for longer than any Daniger can remember; why she wishes this is unknown, although the current bolstered population of the province, and consequently interrupted flow of the natural mebhaighl, no doubt displeases her.

Local legend has it that Great Aunt Katrina once turned back a goblin invasion single-handed in the dead of one winter long ago; and battled the great Kraken during the dire winter of 826 HC when starvation drove it to prey upon the coasts forcing the dread beast from the Danig Arm.

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