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Barony of Berhagen


Sera (State Religion), Erik

GB Income
27 GB (Province 22 GB; Law 5 GB)
RP Income
36 RP (Province 22 RP; Law 14 RP)
GB Expenses
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
36 GB
Acc. Regency
42 RP
Elite Infantry (x3), Cavalry (x2), Knights (x2), Archers (x2), Levy (x1), Roundship (x2), Keelboat (x1)


The thinly populated Barony of Berghagen serves as a cornerstone and buffer region for the breadbasket states of the Brecht lands. It is a rough realm, and its people are a reflection of their land.

[top]Life and Society

Hunting, trapping, and fishing are the major occupations of the people of Berhagen. In addition, every able-bodied man and woman must serve two years in the Berkannen, or Berhagen levy.

[top]The Land



[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Important Figures

Ludwig von Shaeffen, Baron of Berhagen

[top]Domain Holding Table

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