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Which edition would you most prefer your Birthright with?

Aug 25, 2016 - 11:22 PM - by JakobLiar
I'm considering working, yet again, on setting up a Birthright PBeM and would very much like to know what edition of Dungeons and Dragons (or possibly Read More

What do you think makes for the best PBP/PBEM games? What could be improved?

Aug 04, 2016 - 3:22 PM - by Rowan
Curious about what you all think makes for the best games in whatever mass scale Internet format, and what, if you could magically "fix" things, could be improved to make them better or more viable?

Take a step back and look at things from a view of what your "vision" or "goals" for a good PBP or PBEM wouldRead More

What do you find most/least enjoyable about Birthright?

Aug 04, 2016 - 3:13 PM - by Rowan
I'm curious what aspects of the game people find most enjoyable -- and therefore what should be focused on to make the game more fun, improve the game, or grow the game.

Is it the domain level play?
The setting?
The political Read More

The Book of Regency?

Aug 11, 2016 - 11:59 AM - by Bottulf
Hi everyone,

TSR/WoTC gave away the free "Book of Regency" for a while before they redid their webpage (one of many times). As a result it is no longer available from WoTC.

Does anyone have a copy of this PDF?

Read More
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