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Dwarven Mixed Constitution
Moradin (State Religion)

Clothing, coal, fruit, horses, and wine
Grain, livestock, spices
GB Income
GB (Province GB; Law GB)
RP Income
38 RP (Province RP; Law RP)
GB Expenses
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
40 GB
Acc. Regency
35 RP
Guards (x4), Crossbows (x4)
each province contains a great underground fortress


[top]Life and Society


Each province of Baruk-Azhik is shown below with a rough population figure for each clan, its clan name, and the primary occupations in the clan.


5000 Rockhammer -mining, engineering, stonemasonry

3600 Earthkore -mining, gem cutting

2000 Ironvein -mining

2000 Stonefist -mining

1500 Ironsmelt -smelting

2000 Ironskin -armorer

3200 Oresmith -weapon smith, blacksmith

1200 (waiting for a good name) -locksmith, clock making

2000 Earthenbake -pottery

1500 Oakenhand -carpentry, forestry

1500 Truestrike -war, boyer, archery

3500 Ironstroke -war, weaponsmith, armorer

[top]Land's Victory

1000 Ironvein -mining

1000 Stonefist -mining

1000 Earthkore -mining, gem cutting

700 Fireater -smelting

2400 Oresmith -blacksmith, weaponsmith

1600 Rockhammer -engineering, stone masonry, mining

2000 Sweetbrew -brewing, herbalism

1000 Oakenhand -forestry, carpentry

2400 Truestrike -boyer, fletcher, war

[top]Bran's Retreat

1200 Rockhammer -mining, engineering, stonemasonry

1000 Stonefist -mining

500 Ironsmelt -smelting

1000 Oresmith -blacksmith

1750 Cowherd -ranching, leather working

500 Swineherd -hogs

250 Shepherd -sheep, wool

1000 Boskin -tanning, leather working

500 Shoemaker -cobbler

2000Earthtender -agriculture, herbalism, forestry, baking, cooking

1000 Earthenbake -pottery

1000 Truestrike -war, boyer

[top]Cliff's Lament

1000 Ironvein -mining

1200 Earthkore -mining, gemcutting

500 Fireater -smelting

1000 Oresmith -blacksmith

750 Cowherd -ranching

250 Swinherd -hogs

1000 Shepherd -sheep

1000 Boskin -tanning, leather working

2000 Clothwirk -sewing, weaving

2000 Earthtender -agriculture, baking, herbalism

2000 Earthenbake -pottery

1000 Ironstroke -war

[top]The Promontory

1600 Earthkore -mining, gem cutting

1000 Ironvein -mining

1000 Stonefist -mining

800 Ironskin -armorer

600 Watershold -boating, boatwright, fishing

1000 Clothwirk -sewing, weaving

1000 Earthtender -agriculture

The Greybeard family is a cadet branch of the Rockhammer clan. The dwarves prefer to divide the offices of guild master and clan leader, so no guild master in the mining guild is both guild master and clan leader, except under exceptional circumstances. The various craft guilds are responsible for the prices, quality, and conditions of their own crafts, but are all represented "nationally" just as all the temples and provinces are represented by the High Priest and Overthane.

[top]The Land

[top]Bran's Retreat (4/1)

[top]Cliff's Lament (4/1)

[top]Land's Victory (3/6)

[top]The Promontory (3/6)

[top]Rivenrock (5/4)



The realm of Baruk-Azhik is a complex mix of powers. The Overthane has some monarchial power. The clans assemble often and their voice carries considerable weight, since this is essentially the voice of the people. The thanes are a power in the realm, not only because their bloodlines are as strong as the overthane's, but because it is ancient tradition that a thane is master of his province. There is also the temples of Moradin's Forge to consider, for the priests exepect that the rulers of the people will not only respect tradition, but the wisdom of the Soulforger. Dwarven sensibilities are very conservative, and so power is diffused widely to make innovation difficult.
Ruling Baruk-Azhik

Generally, if an overthane acts like the people think an overthane should, he'll be expected to consult the clans, thanes, and the temples, but will otherwise be able to act with some latitude. Any radical departure from traditional policy, or any act by a new, untested ruler, will be closely scrutinized by the clans, thanes, and temples. This will certainly slow down the implimentation of any policy, but the dwarves prefer to patiently consider their options and produce the best polciy. Governance is a craft just as smithing a hitch or carving a granite block. Haste makes waste, while judgement, care, and experience produce the most excellent results. Even a trusted Overthane like Grimm Graybeard keeps his thanes, the clan leaders, and the temples close by and fully informed of his actions. This demonstration of trust and cooperation is highly valued by the dwarves and produces a greater trust in the Overthane himself. The Overthane who wants to mine a new vein but doesn't share his plans will endure more resistance than the Overthane who wants to intervene in Rohrmarch or Osoerde but includes the clan leaders, thanes, and temples in his thinking from the begining.

[top]Important Figures

Thane Wulfram Wainier (MDw; Noble 4/Fighter 6; Scion of Anduiras, great, 48).
Thane Hadassah Endrede (FDw; Noble 4/Cleric 6; Scion of Reynir, major, 38).
Thane Bayard Laccolith (MDw; Noble 8; Scion of Vorynn, major, 32).
Thane Cairn Vahan (MDw; Fighter 7/Dwarven Defender 1; Scion of Brenna, minor, 22).
High Judge Bain Earthkore (MDw; Noble 7; Scion of Anduiras, minor 12) Hailed as the most brilliant of all the dwarves, Bain is a contraversial figure because of his advocacy of absolute monarchial power for the Overthane. He is the friend of Ruarch Rockhammer and Hadassah Endrede. The three socialize together and discuss the most learned subjects frequently. Nevertheless they oppose his politics. Bain can be considered a loyal and devoted servant of the Overthane, supervising his law holdings.

[top]Plots and Rumours

The Foil of Baruk-Azhik:
The Lost City of Kheleb-Izhil:
A Cry for Help:
Mystery in Rax Doxik:

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Baruk-Azhik
Bran's Retreat (4/1)GG (4)RR (4)DW (2)-
EL (2)
Cliff's Lament (4/1)GG (4)RR (4)DW (2)-
EL (2)
Land's Victory (3/6)GG (3)RR(3)DW (3)-
The Promontory (3/6)GG (3)RR (3)DW (3)-
Rivenrock (5/4)GG (5)RR (5)DW (2)-
ML (3)
Abbreviations: GG=Grimm Graybeard (Baruk-Azhik); RR=Ruarch Rockhammmer (Moradin's Forge); DW=Diirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik); EL=Elamien Lamier (Points East Trading Company); ML=Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers).

  • Law: Grimm Graybeard, the overthane, is universally acknowleged as the holder of all of the law.
  • Temples: The Dwarves all pay reverence to Moradin, all other dwarven deities are within Moradin's Forge.
  • Guilds: Guildmaster Diirk Watershold is not only the chief merchant of the realm, but is they realm's spymaster. His network of spies stretches far and wide. Elamien Lamier and Moerele Lannaman are human guilders who have proven themselves to the dwarves and bring goods to and from Baruk-Azhik.
  • Source: Currently there is no dwarven wizards in Baruk-Azhik, and no human or sidhe wizard has won the confidence of the Overthane or his people.

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