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GB Income:
GB (Province 26 GB; Law 4 GB)
RP Income:
RP (Province 26 RP; Law 12 RP)
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
69'67 RP


Status: Recommended for elves

The elven realm of Innishiere lies on the western branch of the Zhainge River. It is home to one of the oldest nations in all of Cerilia and the gleaming city of Adwyth Tallagh (a-dooth tah-LAY).

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

The tallaghbhan (tah-LAY-van) trees of Innishiere are considered some of, if not the, most beautiful trees in all of Cerilia. With a silver birch like bark and leaves of gold and green, they seem to gleam like pillars from afar. With a heavy canopy, they leave little underbrush giving this distinctive impression.

[top]Adwyth Tallagh

[top]Cwmb Daghra

[top]Cwmb Mawr



[top]North Deeps

[top]Slieve Siona

[top]South Deeps


Innishiere was once home to one of the largest and oldest elf nations in Cerilia. The battle at Mount Deismaar destroyed much of the population of Innishiere. King Rhuobhan, a survivor of Mount Deismaar, ruled this nation until 600 years ago when he fell to invading Vos warriors. Rhynnwyd (rin-NOOD) is the current king and has driven home a very isolationist tradition preventing the elves from hunting humans outside the protection of the forest. It is said this influence was from his sister, the princess Niobhe, as a way to cut down interaction and strife with the local human realms.


[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

[top]Domain Holding Table

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Innishiere domain table


Rhy (3)*
Rhy (2)*
Nio (4)
Rhy (0)
Nio (5)
Cwmb Mawr (2/5)
Rhy (1)
Nio (3)
Ail (1)
Nio (4)
Fin (2)
Maghabhie (1/6)
Rhy (0)
Fin (4)
Ail (3)
Rhy (2)
Ail (4)
Rhy (1)
Abbreviations: Rhy = Rhynnwyd (Innishiere) Nio = Niobhe Ail = Ailein Fin = Finn

* Indicates a holding fortified by a castle.

** Guild holdings represent contact with other woodland defenders. This provides no income, only espionage actions.

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