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Arms of DaultonArms of Daulton

Daulton is the political heart of Avanil. From here, Darien Avan controls the greatest political faction in Anuire and plots to become the next Emperor.
The terrain of the province is largely composed foothills in the east and the imposing Seamist Mountains in the west. Tree groves dot the foothills, though a great many of them have been cut down to feed the fires of the smithies and forges, which are found in great numbers in this province. The Seamists themselves rise out of the surrounding foothills. Though the mountains here are not nearly as tall as those found in other provinces, they are still formidable enough to keep armies from passing through them. Forests of pines and oaks cover the Seamists, providing more fuel for Daulton?s industries. A few small, isolated villages can be found up in the mountains, catering to miners, loggers, and adventurers. The top of the mountains are nearly always enshrouded in the mists that give them their name. Indeed, rains and fogs off the Arnienbae and the Miere Rhuann are common in this province, ensuring that the sun is almost never seen in the morning. The tops of the Seamists become encased in snows during the winter, but spring rains nearly always melts them quickly. The Seamists terminate about twenty miles north of the coast. Between the coast and the mountains is a gap, known as the Aradwyn Gap, through which the armies of Avanil and Boeruine have battled each other relentlessly. It was here that some of the worst fighting in the War of Succession occurred. The strategic value of this gap is incalculable, as it opens out just a few miles from the city of Daulton. Though Brosengae?s vassalage to Avanil has somewhat alleviated this risk, the Princes of Avanil still maintain a careful watch on Aradwyn. At the base of the mountains is the city of Daulton itself, which, while the largest city in Avanil, does not compare to the other great cities of Anuire like Seasedge, Ilien, Endier, Bhalaene, or the City of Anuire.
Other major towns in the province include Gwinyth and Gilbyr?s Rock on the banks of the Glemys River in the northern end of the province and Sonwyn in the south at the mouth of the Glemys River, just across from Haelyn?s Pillar Monastary.
Caer DaultonCaer Daulton

Little if any agricultural work is performed in Daulton, the bulk of heavy industry comes from mining; especially gold mining. The gold pulled out of this province ensures that Avanil remains the wealthiest realm in Anuire. It is these mines that have historically provided much of the vast wealth of House Avan. As well, iron mining is large industry, providing most of the metals needed for Darien Avan?s military. The Prince?s Pride and the Straits of Aerele Shipping both operate here, though Arron Vaumel?s guild is concentrated primarily on the coast, where fishermen and merchants operate.
The political structure of the province can be somewhat confusing to outsiders, but has its origins in the strife that gripped the Empire after Michael Roele?s death. Before the Empire fell, the governance of Daulton was completely controlled by House Avan and governed directly by the Prince. In the opening phases of the post-Imperial civil wars, the Prince of the time, Kier Avan, recruited the famed mercenary commander Bran the Blade and to the consternation of his nobles, promoted Bran to Baron of Daulton that he might outrank the other Avanese nobility and assume command over the Avanese armies. Bran the Blade founded the new Daulton dynasty, named for the province in which he held his title. House Daulton has continued down through the ages and kept hold of its title, though the Prince and his government continue to rule the province directly, making the title of Baron of Daulton little more than a ceremonial role. Today, the title is held by a woman, the beautiful and deadly Ashara Daulton, the last of her line.
Daulton: The city of Daulton lies at the base of the Seamist Mountains. The folk here are notoriously loyal to their liege and brook little insult against Avanil or its Prince. Many, even in the rest of Avanil, become frustrated when dealing with the famously arrogant people in this city. Even the lowliest peasant here believes that Avanil is the greatest realm in Anuire and Daulton is its beating heart ? they make a point of mentioning this to outsiders as well. Despite this arrogance, the people here remain generally friendly if the subject of the Imperial Succession is not brought up. A great deal of traffic passes through this city. Much of the merchant traffic that moves by land from the Western Coast to the City of Anuire passes through here, giving the Prince?s Pride substantial business and generating enormous tax revenue for the Prince?s coffers. However, the greatest industry here is smelting and smithing. Even at night these operations continue, often casting a lurid orange glow on the low hanging clouds. The superstitious claim that the Shadow World grows closest on these nights. Everywhere one goes in this city, reminders are everywhere that one is in Avanil and that Prince Avan controls all the power here. Priests in the cathedrals and the temples preach the greatness of the Prince, children are named in his honor, and the Prince makes a point of dispensing largesse?s upon the people of the city to guarantee their loyalty. All the major Avanese nobles maintain estates here, as do many members of Darien Avan?s family.
The city is governed by the Council of Daulton, a body of nobles. Non-voting members include prominent guilders, representatives of the Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn and the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie, and a number of exceptional commoners. Each member of the Council is appointed by the prince, which is chaired by the Baron of Daulton, one of that title?s few actual powers.
Caer Daulton: Caer Daulton is a level 6 castle overlooking the city and carved directly out of the Seamists. Because it sits above the city, it can be seen from every point within the city walls. Similarly, there are very few points in Daulton not visible from the castle ramparts.
Though Caer Daulton is an ancient fortress, its current design is relatively new, as its battlements have been rebuilt several times due to repeated wars with Boeruine and other realms. The castle?s position makes it difficult to assault directly ? though it has been done before and at great cost. As well, great storage vaults have been carved out of the mountains beneath Caer Daulton and are constantly filled with all the supplies needed to withstand a siege for at least a year.
The inner keep of Caer Daulton is known as Avanhold. This castle within a castle is protected by its own moat and serves as the residence of the Avan family. It is here that Prince Avan holds court, and a grand court it is. No expense is spared; some event, be it a play, an epic storytelling, or a poetry contest is always in session. Servants wait upon the courtiers hand and foot, libraries are full of all manner of knowledge, both ancient and modern, and representatives from domains all across Cerilia come to petition the prince.
Aradwyn River: The Aradwyn River springs from the mountains in Taliern and forms the border between Daulton and the realm of Brosengae. The river is a rapid one and very shallow, flowing down the steep and rocky sides of the Seamist Mountains.
Redwater Cross: Located in the Aradwyn Gap, Redwater Cross is a broad shallow in the Aradwyn River large enough for armies to cross. Though several other crossings exist, this one is the largest and has been the most hotly contested. Some of the bloodiest battles in the post-Imperial civil wars were fought here, often coloring the river red with blood in their aftermath. The fortress of Redwater Cross, a fortified law holding, overlooks this crossing and a unit of knights is permanently stationed here. The knights are commanded by Sir Keran Avan (MAn; Ftr8; Scion of Anduiras, major, 25), one of the prince?s cousins. Sir Keran remains very loyal to his liege and looks forward to the day when Avanil might make war on Boeruine.

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