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The younger son of the late Lord Noelon Avan, Noelon Avan (MAn; Nbl3/Ftr1; Scion of Anduiras, great, 64) is the fraternal twin of Arlen Avan, born only a few minutes later. Freed from the constraints of being the heir to the Principality, Noelon spent most of his youth partying. Known for lavishly dispensing largess on his friends, the Prince has more than once had to cut him off from his allowance. It is widely rumoured that Noelon sends money and gifts to a number of women in the City of Anuire, who have reputedly born him several bastard children.
Despite his indolent attitude, Noelon is slowly maturing. His constant socializing has given him a set of skills for dealing with people matched only by his father. With suave cunning, Noelon seems able to talk almost anyone out of anything. As a result, the Prince, Darien Avan, is considering making him a kind of ambassador-at-large. The only thing stopping him is his fear that Noelon?s nature will get the better of him.

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