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In Vanilen, the Prince?s Pride and the local nobles work together here to ensure that the mines and foundries are always operating at peak efficiency. Always conscious of their competition in the neighboring province of Taliern, Vanilen?s residents work doubly hard, hoping to exceed their southern neighbors in every way. Unfortunately for the locals, Taliern lies closer to the major manufacturing centers of Daulton and the major export markets of Anuire, so theirs is a losing battle. Still, the miners and merchants persevere, hoping to turn a healthy profit from their labors.
Vanilen suffers from many of the same problems that plague Nentril and Taliern, though here there are fewer places for the trolls and orogs to hide, as Rhaelic?s Pass breaks up the mountain chain in the center of the province. One of the few passes through the Seasmists, Boeruinean and Avanese armies have repeatedly bloodied themselves here. The province?s largest settlement, Maecyn, is another rough and tumble mining town. A castle (3), Cardrie Keep, lies at the eastern end of Rhaelic?s Pass.
The Bottomless Pit of Izik-Dum ? A group of miners prospecting for new veins of ore recently broke through into a vast underground tunnel network deep in the heart of the Seamists that was previously completely unknown. No records in Vanilen, Daulton or Anuire say anything about the existence of these ancient tunnels, hollowed out by stonemasons far more skilled than any alive in Avanil today. While exploration of this new complex has just begun, one curious location has already been discovered.
A perfectly circular, gaping pit, neatly chiseled, was recently found in the middle of one of the tunnels. Measuring exactly twenty-four feet in diameter, explorers have been unable to determine what purpose the pit might serve. Attempts to throw torches and stones into the pit to guage its depth have proved fruitless ? such objects continue to fall until they are no longer visible or audible. A university scholar from the City of Anuire discovered a set of small markings he believed to be dwarven in origin ? the word ?Izik-Dum.? Whether that be the name of a dwarven hero, a word of warning, or something more sinister remains open to speculation.

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