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Arms of TaliernArms of Taliern

Taliern is the most important mining province in the realm and is of critical importance to Avanil?s economy. Vast amounts of precious metals and iron ores are extracted from the deep caverns here and transported to the smithies and forges in Daulton for manufacture. Because of its great importance, the security of Taliern is always foremost in Darien Avan?s mind ? but the major threats to peace in Taliern come from within, not without.
Since Taliern borders Taeghas and Brosengae, both of which are allied realms, the nobles of Taliern have little to fear from a foreign invasion. The mighty Seamist Mountains provide an added defense. Unfortunately, that defense is a double-edged sword. While the mountains make the passage of armies nearly impossible, Taliern lies at the center of the mountain range and is beset by a plague of orogs, trolls and worse. Some miners have even reported sightings of fhoimorien giants!
The province is governed by the Countess Rhaela Taliern, one of the females to hold a demesne in Anuire. A ranger, Rhaela eschews the traditional role of females in society, preferring instead to personally lead a cadre of the Prince?s best scouts as she scours the province?s lands for beasts to kill. Some have complained that the Countess spends more time in the field than she does ruling her province ? a complaint that Prince Avan has noticed.
Dherholde: The capital of Taliern is the town of Dherholde. Less a town and more a fortified keep, Ghellholde holds several Avanese infantry units and scouts, used to keep mining camps and villages safe from the ravaging trolls and orogs. Like Nentril, dwarves once dwelt beneath the province long ago, their ancient strongholds now a haven for the orogs. The trolls live mainly on the surface, high in the mountains and are gathered into large tribes.

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