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The fearsome Fhoimoriens (Sidhelien) or Fomorians (Anuirean) are misshapen giants who inhabit the woodlands of the Rjurik highlands and the Stonecrown Mountains of Anuire. Legends of the twisted giants are found in Vosgaard but these are more drunken tavern boasts than reliable reports.
Some scholars think that the Fhoimorien were once a great and powerful race, these scholars point to the skilled and intricate giant-craftings found in the Giantdowns and claim that the Fhoimorien of today must be the descendants of a far nobler folk. Other scholars say that the Fhoimorien destroyed this more advanced race of giants seeking to steal knowledge and wealth, but that the Fhoimorien were too foolish and greedy to make use of the knowledge and over the centuries the Fhoimorien people collapsed into the savagery known today.
What is certain is that the Fhoimorien are a brutal people who appear to enjoy destruction for its own sake, they are notorious for torturing captives, leaving wounded beasts to die in suffering, breaking oaths which are no longer convenient, and cowardice. While some of the tales are likely merely bardic tales of evil found away from the clan, they hold enough truth to make Fhoimorien justly hated by most civilized races.
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