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Arms of IslienArms of Islien

Islien is the home of the great Isilviere family, whose bloodline, history, and prestige rival any of the great houses of Anuire. As such they are able to marry their eldest sons to the daughters of other great houses and maintain their impressive bloodline. Further, other great houses seek out their daughters for their bloodline, since so few great houses exist.
The Count of Islien is Gaelin Isilviere, whose wife is Aerona Avan and whose daughter, Kaela Isilviere, is married to Aeric Boeruine. His son, Elton Isilviere, is the Lord of Seaside and is married to Dulcie Nichaleir.
Daffyd Tamaere's Peaceful Seas of Nesirie is the dominant faith here, under the direction of Amilia Weymouth.
Facellies Sloere's Taeghan Outfitters run the guilds here. Facellies has decided that Islien would make an excellent site to attract the wealthy owing to several hot mineral springs. He is constructing a bath house in Seaside.

[top]Geography and Climate

Islien touched by NesirieIslien touched by Nesirie

Nesirie always touches the land and people of Islien with rain, water, or mists. She is never far away. Islien is a heavily wooded peninsula jutting out into the Straits of Aerele. Islien has a few very nice harbors and would like to see them developed to compete with the merchant towns of Brosengae, but that seems like something for the future.


Seaside (Village): Conventional; AL CG; 400 gp limit; Assets 13,400 gp; Population 670 (96% human, 2% halfling, 1% dwarf, 1% other)
The small village of Seaside also controls a small port: which sees goods coming from Ariya and Binsada as well as Suirene and Mieres. Elton has a huge influence on Seaside in that it has a free market economy. Seaside also includes a disproportionate number of "foreigners:" More than half the population are from Khinasi, Vosgaard, and Rjurik. Seaside Village, controlled by a Free Market Economy, has made the guilders in Taeghas nervous. Seaside is a small village, but it is tempting enough for foreign guilders to establish a foothold in Taeghas and create trouble. The village is close to Seaside Manor and is strongly influenced by Elton's non-governing government.


Seaside has a Regency value of (0)

[top]Taxes Generated

Seaside is worth 500 gp in generated Taxes.


Seaside has a Mixed, Free Economy. But its major export is Tourism. Seaside is becoming a resort town in Taeghas because of the foreigners that live there. This is attracting the notice of anyone who is anyone in Taeghas. So far, Harald has been persuaded to develop the few hotsprings around Seaside into a community bathhouse and spa.
Besides that, it's a lowly fishing village.

[top]Noble Houses

  • Isilviere --- Elton Isilviere operates from Seaside Manor. His Fife includes Twenty Three families, all recently made freemen. Seaside Manor controls twenty three individual farms which operate on a free market system. The families still contribute ten percent of their produce to the Barronet.

  • Valdreksburg -- Deitrich Valdreksburg is an expatriate from Kiergarde. His family operates Valdreksburg Manor, which attached to it is the Fencing Academy. Deitrich is attracted to Elton's ideas, but supports Harald's government.

  • House of Myrrh bint Al-Saidi -- Myrrh bint Al-Saidi is the Matriarch of an expatriate noble family from Aftane. Her wizardly son, Faysal Al-Saidi, had learned magic at the Imperial College of Magic and recently made his pilgrimage to Maidra. He accompanies Elton on his adventures.


Seaside has the following services:
  • Cobbler (Geoffrey of Seaside) Quality: **

  • Cobbler (Harald of Seamist) Quality: ***
  • Cobbler (Iago) Quality: ***
  • Furrier (Jason Selestien) Quality: **
  • Furrier (Jack "The Bear" Artorien) Quality: ***
  • Tailor (Elaine of Seaside) Quality: ****
  • Tailor (Albiona of Seamist) Quality: **
  • Barber (Borre) Quality: **
  • Barber (Sahar) Quality: ****
  • Jewelers (Edmund and Sons of Muden) Quality: *****
  • The Buxom Mermaid (Tavern) Quality: ***
  • Old Clothes Dealer (Raniyah's Second Hand Store) Quality: **
  • Pastry Cook (Hertha) Quality: ****
  • Mason (Heirl) Quality: **
  • Weaver (Madam Riave) Quality: ***
  • Chandler (Forsetha) Quality: **
  • Mercer (Lady Jade) Quality: *****
  • Cooper (Gavin) Quality: **
  • Baker (Matthias) Quality: ***
  • Water Carrier (Little Thomas)
  • Scabbard Maker (Thor the Boar) Quality: ***
  • Hatter (John the Half-wit) Quality: **
  • Saddler (Johannes of Rhuelgarde) Quality: ***
  • Purse maker (Big Jakene) Quality: ***
  • Swords for Hire (The Four Brothers Shwall)
  • Butcher (Tam the Butcher) Quality: **
  • Alewife (Madam Kaelae) Quality: ****
  • Spice Merchant (Ondie's Exotic Spices!) Quality: ****
  • Painter (Isile) Quality: *
  • Locksmith (Bjorn) Quality: * (Doubles as the fence)
  • Bather (Aeric of Seamist) Quality: *** (will go down if the Bathhouse and Spa are completed).
  • Tanner (Grundy) Quality: ***
  • Copyist (Daerae) Quality: *****
  • Fencing Instruction School (Deitrich Valdreksburg's Fencing Academy) Quality: *****

  • Bathhouse and Spa (under Construction and financed by Facellies Sloere)

  • Shrine of Haelyn's Sword (Western Imperial Temple: Rhobher Nichalier, managed by the Azure Brotherhood), the shrine is not a holding.

  • Church of the Peaceful Seas (Peaceful Seas of Nesirie: Amilia Weymouth).

  • Custom's House; Quality: ****

  • Blacksmith (Chandeleir Veire) Quality: ***

  • Vellum Maker (Ondie Fallace) Quality: **

  • Surgeon (Doctor Inch) Quality: *

  • Surgeon (Doctor Jamal Salah al'Rin) Quality: *****

  • Vinter (Jakob Danig) Quality: ***

  • Town Hall (Mayor Matthias Kostwolde)

  • Temple of Coin (Sarimie; Chantry Priestess Karina Solvene)
  • Sheepherders

  • Farmer's Market; Quality: ****

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