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Marilen is the most rugged of Brosengae's provinces and the most removed from the culture and politics of southern Brosengae. In the east are the Seamist Mountains, where some small-scale mining and metalwork takes place, but the majority of the people are farmers and ranchers in the western plains. Also bereft of many of his legal duties with the Prince of Avanil having great control over the laws here, Lord Rogr Mierelen (MAn Nbl 4; An, Major, 33), Count of Marilen, is the last hold-over from the previous regime.
As the now-elderly cousin of the late Duke of Brosengae, Rogr Mierelen is also the nephew of the senile Duke whom the Duchess' father led an Avanese army against to become Maeric Mierelen, Duke of Brosengae. Although his family were all removed from power under her father's administration, the Duchess has won his grudging respect and support after restoring his family's fortunes and titles, in particular the rulership of the province that the Mierelens originally took their name from.
Cerwynn, like its Coeran sister town Kaleyn, is the farming capital of Marilen. Sheep and cattle are the most valued commodity here, with pastures and hills alike dotted with various livestock. Some small-scale logging goes on in the isolated woods of Marilen.
Northmoor is a quiet frontier town that, despite its sizeable population of some four and a half thousand people, is quite happy to be left to itself. Thick mists often roll in from the northern Straits of Aerele and sometimes linger for days, leading the Viscount of Northmoor to institute strict guidelines on travellers at these times, as well as funding the subsidising of fog-lamps for each person.

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