Characters that are not scions are termed unblooded. This means simply that the power of the old gods does not flow in their veins. Unblooded characters form the vast majority (over 99%) of the population, even in races where scions are relatively common such as goblins.
Unblooded people are the norm at all social levels except the very top. A scion just tends to somehow be more notable than an unblooded, even if the scion is not a regent. However, it is not uncommon for unblooded characters to play important roles, e.g. be generals, wealthy merchants, and therefore have significant influence over the world around them. It is even not impossible for an unblooded person to act as a regent, just very rare.
Not all scions have blood abilities, especially those with only tainted bloodlines. However, these are still regarded as blooded.
An unblooded person can become a scion via usurpation, or blood inheritance.
Although the Vos are typically considered savages, they are in some ways very egalitarian. An unblooded person who proves themselves to be a great warrior is likely to be made a scion by one of these means with the help of the priests of Belinik or Kriesha.

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