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Veladin Avan, the Sword Prince, was Prince of Avanil after the death of his uncle, Sethien Avan until his own death in 526 MR. He left behind a powerful realm that was stronger than it had ever been before. The Sword Prince?s armies battled across Anuire, helping to repulse a Gorgonic attack in Mhoried, inflicting crippling losses on the pirates in the Straits of Aerele, repelling an emboldened Rhuobhe Manslayer and participating in Taeghas? numerous succession wars.
Valedin was not the acknowledged heir of his uncle, Sethien Avan. But during the Trade War, Sethien Avan and Donald Boeruine met each other on the battlefield and in single combat inflicted simultaneous mortal blows on one another. The Archduke Donald had performed the Ceremony of Designation, naming his son, Borric Boeruine as his heir. Sethien had failed to do the same, and it was his nephew, Valedin who the Land favored with the Prince's birthright.
At the beginning of Archduke Donald's reign, he had sought peace with a double marriage in the Third Treaty of Ilien. Prince Sethien Avan exchanged his beloved daughter; Marianne Avan; for Elaine Boeruine. Although Donald gave Marianne to his son and heir, Eldried Boeruine; Sethien gave Elaine to Adair Avan, his brother.
After the death of Sethien Avan, the Land chose Veladin Avan to be the Prince of Avan. At the beginning of his reign, Veladin pursued a successful marriage strategy. He married Catherine Diem, gaining security his east and influence in Diemed. He married his sister, Aerona Avan, to Gaelin Isilviere, Count of Islien. Completing the deal, Vandiel Diem married Faelnie Isilviere, binding the three families together. The important Isilviere family regarded the alliance of Taeghas and Boeruine as a mistake for Taeghas and worked in the court at Stormpoint to see it ended.
The Sword Prince, took advantage of Boeruine?s long running decline by securing the allegiance of Brosengae. He pursued an aggressive policy, waging war for the good of Anuire hoping to win the Iron Throne by these efforts and his many victories. Unlike most princes of the line of Avan, he was much more soldier than diplomat. He dispatched armies to Mieres in order to restore order there, and took upon himself the authority to appoint the colony?s governors. He increased the influence of Avanil in Diemed, mostly through his marriage to Catherine Diem. He capitalized on the succession wars in Taeghas to detach that realm from its Boeruinean domination, making Taeghas neutral until the third War of Taeghean Succession when Veladin's son Darien Avan won Taeghas for Avanil.

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