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Arms of Tuor's HoldArms of Tuor's Hold

Tuornen's most impressive fortress outside of Haes stands in the town and province named after it. The fortress of Tuor's Hold is an ancient structure, built long before the Anuirean Empire fell. Today it is a popular site to visit. its vine-covered walls far more picturesque than functional. It houses an obligatory guard but serves much more often as a tourist attraction or banquet hall for the countess.
Tuor's Hold is another of Tuornen's great agricultural provinces, exporting its vast grain surplus to both Avanil and Endier. Its people are somewhat more worldly than their northern brethren, Interacting regularly with people from the neighboring realms.

The towns of Tuor's Hold and Bellamie (the southernmost town in Tuornen) both enjoy a brisk trade with Avanil and Endier. Indeed, Bellamie, known as a major port for Prince's Pride, is on such friendly terms with the city of Endier that some residents consider them sister cities, much as Lofton and Haes once were.

Jaedime Tuor, Countess of Tuor's Hold, survives as one of the last truly grand noblewomen of Tuornen. A lady in the traditional sense of the word, Jaedime avoids dirtying her hands in messy affairs of state. She instead prefers to see herself as an ambassador to the south, deferring to her two wardens, Boroen and Shallea Cavaene (brother and sister) in matters of justice and administration. Jaedime's banquets and balls are things of local legend, many of them hosted in the aging but splendid halls of Tuor's Hold itself.

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