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In Cerilia, priests are found in all societies, normally representing one of the state religions. However, there are different types of priest, each of which is a different character class.
  • Cleric: Priest PCs are normally clerics. A cleric has martial skills and magical abilities.
  • Paladin: Some priests favour the use of force to instill justice and their god's message on the world.
  • Druid: Some faiths use druids. A druid has similar types of skills to a cleric, but tends to be more targeted towards the needs of the land than theological debate.
  • Monk: Cerilian monks are found in temples and monasteries and do not have magical abilities. They are not suitable for PCs or regents. However, they may be NPC lieutenants.
  • Warpriest: A cleric who specialises in battle magic is commonly called a warpriest.
  • Lawpriest: Some communities use religious soldiers to enforce law and order. These soldiers may also be clerics or lawpriests who specialise in the domain of Law.

Other classes may be associated with particular churches, though this is not the norm. In such cases, they may be considered to be priests.

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