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Monarchy is the rule by one person. Some domains have a tradition of a single, powerful ruler who is mostly or completely unrestrained by other figures within his domain. While some other domains expect consultation on the most important matters of the domain, such as the decision to fight another domain, selecting a successor, or raising extraordinary taxes.
Depending on the domain, the monarch could a be a baron, guild master, high priest, or take a more unusual title.
In an Aristocratic Monarchy, the regent is a ruler who is expected to have the values and skills of a landed noble, and is probabaly also a war leader.
In a a Theocratic Monarchy, the regent is a ruler who is expected to have the values and skills of a temple priest, and is probably capable of spellcasting.
In a Plutocratic Monarchy, the regent is a ruler who is expected to have the values of skills of a wealthy merchant or noble, and seeks to make his followers rich.
In a Feudal Monarchy, the regent has subordinates from any kind of holding, who are expected to provide justice and protection in exchange for the support and aid of his subordinates. Each of these subordinates has subordinates of their own and so on.
In any Autocratic Monarchy, the regent relies only on himself, at least ultimately, and has to rely on some combination of charisma, fear of the regent, and fear of the domain's enemies to maintain power.

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