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Seamist is the mountainous province opposite Nentril in Avanil. Orog and goblin attacks have become much more frequent lately. Fears point to a breach of the dwarf defenses that kept them locked underground.
Seamist is ruled by Richard Duene, known as "the Justiciar", is a scion of the House of Duene. His father was Hayden Duene and his mother was Richelle Bhaine. Richard the Justiciar was a strong ally of Harald Khorien and fought for his cause in the War of Taeghean Succession. Richard served Alfred Khorien as well and continues to sit on the Great Council of Taeghas.
Sheriff Roger Harris supervises the law here for Darien Avan. Though his office is Taeghean, his oaths and loyalty belong to the Prince of Avanil. Roger is an old veteran of Avanil's legal apparatus, and labors here in semi-retirement. His mission is to build an effective law holding that while giving the aging Roger a place where he won't be required to run about the country pursuing bandits. The recent appearance of goblins and orogs is an unwelcome surprise, and Roger is happy to let the temples take the lead in keeping them at bay.
The Western Imperial Temple has the most influence here, in part because of the charismatic paladin Gwyneth Amandus, who leads the campaign against the incursions from the underground realms. She has developed a good working relationship with Sheriff Roger Harris, who gives her all the support he is able, and leaves the command of the operations to Gwyneth.
Guild activity is undeveloped here, though there are rumors that an agent of Eriene Mierelen was gauging support for her Brosen Royal Guild.
Harald Khorien considers this a critical province in his source holdings, and would prefer to see the place remain quiet, undisturbed, and undeveloped.

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