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Arms of AlamsreftArms of Alamsreft

The War of Brothers scarred no other province all badly as it did Alamsreft. All along the Tuor River and for miles inland, barren patches mark the sites of tragic battles. These fields, and the few remaining ruins of short-lived fortresses, are much shunned by the local farmers and herders.
Despite the damage of the war, Alamsreft remains a productive agricultural region. Grain is the most plentiful crop, but the people of this province mill most of it into flour for baking, unlike their beer-brewing neighbors. Folks supplement their diets with their own livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens) and fish from the river. Festivals in Alamsreft are famous for their excellent food.
Riverton is the newest of Alamsreft's three towns; both Baurein and Maegal have stood since the days of the Archduchy. All three rest on the western bank of the Tuor River and do brisk business in milling with their efficient, river-driven mill houses. Anti-Alam sentiment runs high among the older residents of these towns, while the younger folk are beginning to think there are few important differences between the people on either side of the river.
Blaene Carpenter, sheriff of Alamsreft, is the first of her family not to build houses and furniture, or to marry a man who does. Honored for her bravery during an unsuccessful but costly raid by river brigands, Blaene was Gilgaed's first choice 15 years ago to replace the retiring sheriff, Robert Locks. Blaene, now 40, looks after the old man as if be were her father, and she is his only family. Robert still takes an interest in the province's affairs, advising Blaene on matters of investigation and justice from the comfort of his rocking chair. Blaene always listens respectfully, but makes her own decisions.

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