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Coradan Daerian (MAn; Rog9; Scion of Reynir, minor, 23), Count of Duriene, is the Lord Steward of Avanil. As such, he is responsible for the tax collectors, treasurers and records keepers throughout the realm. As well, Parnien Anuviere Inniere, master of the Prince's Pride, technically reports to the Exchequer. In practice, the Prince?s Pride often reports directly to the Prince. Lord Coradan has served for many years in his position and has accrued a great deal of respect throughout the realm. Well known as something of a magician in all matters financial, Lord Coradan has invested the Principality?s funds in taverns, inns, roads, warehouses and other businesses throughout Avanil and its vassal states. Indeed, the Principality possesses a controlling interest in the Prince?s Pride, as well as serving as the guild?s liege. Unfortunately, Lord Coradan is fantastically corrupt. The sheer size of Avanil?s incomes ensures that if a few coins are skimmed off the top here and there, no one notices. Coradan has been doing exactly this for the last fifteen years and has accrued a vast personal fortune. Assisting him in these ventures is the Lady Aelyssa, (FAn; Rog10; Scion of Masela, tainted, 5) his scheming wife. She is known for seducing many of Caer Daulton?s courtiers and blackmailing them into working for her husband.

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