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The largest and most populated province in Avanil, Anuire takes its name from the City of Anuire, the bulk of which lies within the province's borders. Flat plains covered by fields upon fields of wheat and rows upon rows of corn dominate this province. Farmers endlessly work these crops, feeding themselves and providing the bulk of the enormous quantities of food consumed in the City of Anuire. Towns and villages of all sizes dot the province, generally found at the intersections of each field. Roads connect every town to the Imperial Capital, ensuring that critical shipments of supplies are not delayed. Many large settlements also line the shores of the Arnienbae and the River Maesil. These towns bring in huge amounts of trade and consume any overflow of goods from the City of Anuire. Fishing in the Arnienbae is another industry found here. Fishermen often range as far as the Straits of Aerele for their catch, bringing in all manner of exotic specimens for sale in the Imperial Capital.

The most notable towns in the province are Caeragwyn, Vanil and Daebrin. Caeragwyn lies to the north-east of the City of Anuire, just across the River Maesil from the Dieman city of Moerel. A river town, Caeragwyn plays host to rivermen on their way up or down the river and features an ancient fortress used to watch over the River Maesil. Originally constructed many years before Deismaar, Caeragwyn is one of the few Anuriean towns to use a sewer. It is said that a bizarre race of rat-men hides down in the dankest part of that labyrinth, stealing out of their hideaways on the deepest nights to abduct small children and infants. Vanil is located along the road that connects the City of Anuire to Daulton, just south of the province's geographical center. It is here that the rulers of the province make their home. Daebrin sits near the largest bridge over the Glemys River, which divides Anuire from Daulton, and caters to the merchant caravans travelling between the two provinces.

Anuirean civilization was birthed in this province, as it was once directly lorded over by the First Lords of the Andu, the ancestors of Haelyn and Roele. As the center of the old Anuirean Empire, castles and fortified manors are to be found every few miles. Though no one edifice dominates the province, it remains one of the most fortified provinces in Anuire. Though ruins are a rare sight here, it is common knowledge that as civilization has grown, castles and towns have been built and rebuilt atop of one another and that there are many lost tunnels, sewers, and ancient Andu tombs in the province.

Though the province encompasses much of the City of Anuire, its laws do not apply to the Imperial Capital, where the Chamberlain holds sway. Tradition holds that the Prince of Avanil does not rule Cerilia's greatest metropolis; only the Emperor may claim it.

During the Imperial years, the province was directly governed by nobles appointed by the Emperor, despite the fact that it lay within Avanil. After Michael Roele's death, these officials were incorporated into Avanese nobility and continue to govern the province to this very day. The most prominent descendant of these officials is Baron Ruinil Andwar (MAn; Nbl 10; Scion of Brenna, major, 25; LN), the elderly Baron of Anuire. The Andwar family came to prominence after Deismaar when its progenitor was infused with the blood of the dead gods. The first emperor, Roele, appointed the first Andwar as his first Master of Grain, responsible for feeding the Imperial Capital. Today, Baron Ruinil is an elderly man suffering from acute memory loss and trembling of the limbs. His vast family, composed of no less than eight children, forty-eight grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren, runs the province as he approaches the twilight of his life.

Glemys River: The Glemys River originates from underground springs in Bhrein and flows into the Arnienbae, dividing the provinces of Anuire and Daulton. A fast-moving, narrow and shallow river, none but the smallest oar boats can traverse it.

Haelyn's Pillar Monastery: Located on the coastline, at the mouth of the Glemys River, this Haelynite monastery is one of the oldest in Anuire. It is here that no less than four of the Imperial Temple's founders are buried. When these luminaries were buried, the site quickly became a popular site of pilgrimage and a monastery grew up at the place. Today, the priests are organized into a militant order known as the Knights of the Pillar, who stand guard over the tomb. These knights are affiliated with the Western Imperial Temple and the monastery effectively acts as one level of that temple's holdings in this province. The Grand Master of the order, Sir Caelan Oerel (MAn; Pal6; unblooded; LG), takes his obligations seriously and runs his monastery with unparalleled strictness and discipline. Oerel and his knights have often been called upon by the Archprelate of the Western Imperial Temple to fight alongside him in battle.

Sorrow's Field: Half way between Daebrin and Vanil is Sorrow's Field, the site of the final battle between Emperor Michael Roele and the rebellious Archduke Arwyn Boeruine. Originally, the site lacked a name; it was simply a silent monument to the thousands who died in the war. Shortly before travelling to Seasharrow to hold Summer Court and meet his destiny, Michael Roele named the site Sorrow's Field and dedicated it to the all the common men who died fighting the war on behalf of their noble lords.

Today, Sorrow's Field remains much as it was in 958 HC. No flowers, grasses, or even weeds grow in the field. After having been stomped upon by thousands of boots and hooves and drenched in human blood, plant life refuses to grow here, even after all these years. An aura of silence hangs over the site, as does an oppressive feeling of sadness. It is said by some, though the priests of Haelyn will dispute it, that some portion of Michael Roele's spirit still lingers in the area, endlessly sad over the deaths of so many and the loss of so many opportunities for Anuirean greatness. Patrols of Avanese soldiers occasionally stop by this place in order to keep it clear and pure and to maintain the rows of graves at the site.

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