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Caulnor forms much of the agricultural heartland of Avanil and serves as a major trading center on the River Maesil. Every single acre of land near the Maesil has been irrigated and massive fields grow. Additionally, large towns have sprung up across the province that cater to the constant traffic up and down the river. Caulnor is one of the furthest points up the river that deep-draft vessels like galleons can travel. As a result, a huge industry has grown up devoted to off-loading cargo from these vessels and transferring them to smaller ships. The only place on the Maesil that exceeds Caulnor in this business is the competition just across the river; the merchant realm of Endier. Parnien Anuvier Iniere dominates nearly all of this business and nearly every other trading activity in Caulnor as well. However, the Straits of Aerele Shipping, run by Arron Vaumel, Governor of Mieres, has made some inroads into the cargo loading business.
Several large towns dominate the province, the largest of which includes Maeren, near the border with Bhrein, and Caullyn and Lierant on the banks of the Maesil. The town of Lierant boasts the year round Lierant Country Fair, sponsored by the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. The province figures several large fortifications, representing Prince Avan?s fortified law holdings. The largest fortification is Caer Sarenor, located near the center of the province. A level 5 castle, Caer Sarenor serves as the seat of the Baron of Caulnor, Lord Graelan Caulnor, one of Prince Avan?s most formidable generals. Nearly a thousand troops are always stationed here, undergoing constant training and practice manoeuvres. As well, the town of Caullyn hosts a large fleet of Prince Avan?s riverboats. These riverboats patrol the Maesil River, helping to keep it clear of pirates and other riff-raff.
Silver Scales Abbey: This abbey sits on the banks of the River Maesil and is the largest temple dedicated to Sarimie between Endier and the City of Anuire. The piers owned by the Abbey allow rivermen and merchants to stop and offer their respects to the goddess of fortune as they ply their trade. The temple serves another, equally vital role: that of arbitration. As disputes over prices, contracts, quality of goods, the right of way of ships, timetables, and other mercantile activities are common here, the clerics at the Silver Scales have offered themselves up as neutral arbitrators. Any party that wishes arbitration must sign a contract stipulating that the terms of the arbitration will be binding and that violating them will result in a case brought before the provincial magistrates. The priests of the Silver Scales are well trained in this art and their word is respected even by the Prince?s lawmen.

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