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Seasdeep is the location of the capital city of Taeghas: Stormpoint. Seasdeep is a forested province. Its beaches have many grottoes and [1]. Some of the forest had been cut back for agriculture, as Seasdeep has many hamlets that grow apple and cherry orchards. Some of the farms also produce cranberries and blueberries. The forests of Seasdeep are mixed forests: Sequoia, [2], Quaking Aspen, and [3].
The location of the capital here means that many nobles have residences here for participation in the court. The court of Taeghas is less active than it was in the past, as Harald Khorien keeps to his work as an astrologer and wizard. The business of the court tends much more toward business of state and less to the household of the count with its opportunities for favorites and intrigues. Nevertheless the court stays busy as the nobles of the realm are influential.
The count is Reginald Norvien, who maintains his own castle at Norvien Rock.
Darien Avan's intendent, Duraend Vanilen keeps an eye on things for the Prince. The court of Taeghas and the questionable allegiances of the local count, Reginald, are all subjected to Duraend's careful attention.
Daffyd Tamaere is often found in Stormpoint at the Cathedral of the Blessed Mother, the center of the Peaceful Seas of Nesirie. The cathedral faces a large open square across which is the harbor and the sea itself.
Eriene Mierelen has hung on to her holding here for the Brosen Royal Guild and has been successful in keeping Facellies Sloere from getting a foothold here. As Duchess of Brosengae, Eriene claims Seasdeep and wants to keep her guilds here to help her reclaim this province.


Stormpoint castleStormpoint castle

Stormpoint (Large Town): Conventional; AL NG; 3000 gp limit; Assets 577,500 gp; Population 3,850 (human 96%, halfling 2%, dwarf 1%, other 1%)


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