Straits of Aerele

The Straits of Aerele link the Miere Rhuann, the Sea of Storms, along the Western Coast, to the open waters of the Suidemiere, the Great Sea of the South, along theSouthern Coast. This body of water lies between Anuire and the northern coast of Aduria. The land which funnels the currents and winds between the seas makes the straits treacherous. The storms of the Miere Rhuann are drawn into the straits following the winds and currents. As the trade winds of the Miere Rhuann meet those off the Arnienbae and the Straits of Aerele, the winds become unpredictable and the storms entering the straits, which is a daily occurrence, are tossed about, thrown at Brosengae, Mieres, or into the Suidemiere. Despite the storms, winds, and currents that challenge any crossing of the straits, these straits are among the most heavily trafficked bodies of water in the world. Many Anuirean and Khinasi traders make the journey routinely.

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