Miere Rhuann

The Miere Rhuann, the Sea of Storms, is the sea to the west of the Western Coast. It is a gray, treacherous body of water with dense fogs, heavy winds, and frequent gales.
At the height of the Empire, Anuire's power extended across the Miere Rhuann to many strange lands on distant shores. A few Anuirean traders still visit these far ports.
To the south, the Miere Rhuann connects with the Straits of Aerele. To the north, it changes character somewhat and becomes the Tael Firth close to the southern coast of the Rjurik Highlands as well as Talinie and Dhoesone in Anuire. From Halskapa, the Miere Rhuann lays to the west and the Tael Firth to the south. Going north beyond the Roykenskapa, there is the Thaelasian Passage, leading east around the Northlands.

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