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Coere is the major industrial centre of Brosengae, where the majority of the mines and associated industries are located. The province itself is even split between the mountainous stretches of the Seamists in the west and the flatter lands to the east. Coere is perhaps the most Avanese of the Brosen provinces and the Count's duties as ruler of the province are almost nominal, considering the extensive political power the Prince of Avanil holds in Coere.
Despite his relative lack of official duties, Lord Gareth Coere (MAn Nbl 3/Ftr 2; An, Minor, 22) is often kept busy fighting back the regular goblin incursions from the northern Seamist Mountains and keeping the peace between his squabbling twin children, his son Darlyn and his daughter Aspeth. The descendent of a long line of Coeran noblemen, Lord Gareth is a competent and devoted noble, who believes firmly in the divine right of the nobility to rule and the divine duty of the peasantry to serve.
Delvington is the largest town in western Coere, and is populated almost entirely by miners, metalworkers, merchants and their families. As a very wealthy town due to the gold deposits that are frequently mined, the town comes under regular assault from goblins and the Viscount of Delvington is nearly at his wits' end. The people are hardened by tough physical work and by the constant skirmishing, and have become a stern and uncompromising lot. The Temple of Fortune maintains a large church here and it is frequently well-attended.
Kaleyn is the heart of eastern Coere, where all the cattle-ranchers meet up and the farmers come to sell their produce. Although only a large town, Kaleyn also has its own viscount who handles the local administrative needs of the people and who is known to be a devout worshipper at the local church of Nesirie.

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