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Four hundred years ago the prominent Isilviere family acquired the county of Bayside by marriage. A cadet branch of the house of Islien ruled as Count of Bayside until the last Countess, Ailbhe Isilviere married the Count of Taeghas, Albert Khorien. Their younger son, Roger Khorien succeeded as Count until deposed in 1501 after the War of Taeghean Succession, during which Roger took up arms against his nephew, Harald Khorien.
The county was given in reward to William Nentril of the Nentril family in reward for his service during the War of Taeghean Succession. He served as Captain General of the army until his death seven years ago. His son, Bran Nentril, is now Count of Bayside. Bran is married to Elaine Nielems.

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