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The mountainous province of Nentril lies at the northern tip of Avanil, bordering Tuornen, Taeghas and the lands of the Manslayer. While the Seamist Mountains are mostly impassable, Avanese rulers still feared elven incursions into the heart of the realm and ordered the construction of a castle (3) in the province.
The primary industry here is mining. Iron is produced in great quantities. The town of Caemyr?s Hill, the largest settlement in the province, plays host of dozens of prospectors and adventurers. These rough and tumble folk explore the depths of the province?s canyons, peaks and lost caves. There?s always an adventure to be had here, even if one only ventures as far as the local tavern: the Prospector?s Inn.
In centuries past, dwarven fortresses and tunnels stretched on for miles beneath the mountains. The dwarves never had much use for the humans in the world above and rarely strayed from their mountain halls. For thousands of years, these dwarves warred against orogs below, keeping them bottled up in deep warrens and unlit caverns. Unfortunately, the dwarven defences failed within a few decades of Michael Roele?s death. It is commonly believed that the Manslayer had something to do with that and that he directs the orogs in their above-ground raids.
The highest mountain peaks are also the home of ogres and giant-kin. These tribes occasionally raid the human settlements below, but they mostly stick to themselves. Repeated efforts by Imperial and later Avanese forces to destroy this menace have met with failure. The noble authority here is led by Count Alduric Nentril (MAn; Ftr10; Scion of Anduiras, minor 12), a warrior who has taken personal command of Gwynoch Keep.
Gwynoch Keep: This remote castle is located near the northern border of Nentril. Constructed at great expense, this castle (3) is built into the side of a peak and overlooks the only southern approach to Clearwater Pass, which lies in Rhuobhe?s domain. The mountain roads running south remain treacherous, so provisioning the castle remains a constant problem, but the castle?s strategic location also makes it highly defensible and extremely difficult to take by siege. Still, the castle?s garrison maintains a year-round vigil on the elf lands, warding the kingdom from any invading force that might choose to approach from the north.
Northwatch Abbey: A fortified keep belonging to the Western Imperial Temple, the militant priests here help keep the roads open and guard the province?s citizens from the ogre, giant and elven threats. Not far from Caemyr?s Hill itself, the priests work closely with the Prince?s troops. Being one of the Western Temple?s most fortified edifices, the Abbey also houses one of the temple?s secret vaults. Within this vault lie many interesting holy relics and artefacts. It is also here that the Temple keeps one of its darkest secrets, an artefact of unsurpassed evil kept secret even from the Archprelate.

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