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The most important feature of a domain or realm is the head or ruling body that has the primary responsibility for the domain. The regent may hold absolute power or be a powerless figurehead; but they are always the person that appears to hold final authority in all domain decision in the minds of those with whom the domain interacts. At the domain level, the most important factors for a regent are their bloodline score, their ranks in rulership skills, and their current regency point reserve. Refer to the section on Regency collection for details.

Regents in Cerilia are almost invariably scions, as unblooded regents are severely disadvantaged in terms of collecting and spending regency points in comparison to a scion. Under the standard rules an unblooded regent cannot gain regency at all and can only garner income (measured in gold bars) from ruling their realm/domain. Under the variant level-based RP collection system, an unblooded regent can gather regency points equal to their level each round and store a similar amount at the end of each round.

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