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Duriene, as with its neighbors, Avarien and Caulnor, depends a great deal on agriculture and is largely a peaceful and quiet province. Flat plains and farmlands extend in every direction. Herds of cattle are in abundance here, making Duriene Avanil?s largest producer of livestock. Towns and homesteads are to be found in abundance. Regular patrols of troops keep bandits and raiders to a minimum. Indeed, Duriene is noted as the staging ground for large numbers of Avanese troops who may be needed should the Prince order them north into the unstable situation in Tuornen.
The largest town in Duriene is Daerian, near the center of the province. Daerian is a sleepy town that has not seen the brutal face of war in a very long time. The province?s seat is in Caer Duriene, a castle several miles south of Daerian. Caer Duriene stands athwart the road to Sorinost, the major town in Bhrein. Though standing in a flat plain, Caer Duriene?s defences belies its location. Should Avanil ever be invaded from the north, Caer Duriene must either be assaulted or besieged, lest its garrison ride out to harass any army that bypasses it.
The province is governed by Count Coradan Daerian (MAn; Scion of Reynir, minor, 12). Despite his family?s relative lack of status, Daerian has risen to the post of Lord Steward of Avanil.
Duriene?s Shield Abbey: The province of Duriene is named for Duriene of Ciliene, a mysterious luminary of the ancient Imperial Temple of Haelyn. Duriene lived around 200 HC and authored a text on the Shadow World that saw widespread circulation among the scholarly classes of Anuire for a brief time. Duriene was buried at the site and an Abbey was soon established there. The Haelynite priests there devote themselves to defending the world of light against the Shadow. Few other places have a greater repository of knowledge on the Shadow World.

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