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Anduiras was the patron deity of the Andu, precursors to the Anuireans. Little remains of Anduiras beyond his bloodline for his worship has been replaced by that of Haelyn in Aduria and Cerilia. Haelyn was the champion of Anduiras that best personified the ancient deity in beliefs and had a similar character although ancient texts suggest Anduiras was less forgiving than his successor.
Anduiras died at Deismaar after killing Azrai, his wounded form disrupted by the explosion of power as the shadow lord?s spirit was torn asunder and Deismaar exploded.
The scriptures of Anduiras say he held sacred lions (symbolic of rulership), mastiffs (who symbolized loyalty), eagles (symbolic of mastery of the air which was his to command) and dragons (symbolic of power and majesty).

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