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Ciliene comprises mostly of farmlands, with a few scattered woods in between. Lying as it is in the Maesil Valley, it is a very fertile province which also sees a lot of trade. It is the wealthiest province in Diemed, and the nobles of Ciliene want for nothing. In addition to the agricultural produce there is a significant amount of fishing in the Arnienbae from the towns and villages surrounding the Bay of Ciliene.


Casonel is the main city in Ciliene. It lies on the eastern bank of the Maesil as it comes out into the sea, and controls the approach to the Imperial City from that side. Due to this strategic importance the town has always been one of considerable size, and has managed to thrive relatively well throughout the decline of Diemed.
The most striking feature of the city is the great keep overlooking the bridges leading to the Imperial City. Several low and wide stone bridges pass from one small island to another as they cross over to the other side. To cross over these slender bridges with hostile forces in the castle would be tantamount to suicide.
The twin towns of Shelig and Marvouir lie at the entrance of the bay, on the northern and southern side respectively. There has always been a rivalry between the fishermen of the two cities for the resources than can be found along the coast here, and it is not unknown for a scrap or two occurring during the main fishing seasons.

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The main site of notice is the compound of what used to be the Ciliene College of Magic. This once proud institution ensured many a court in Anuire had access to proficient diviners, advisers and sages. While never as powerful or important as the College of Sorcery in the Imperial City, it filled an important role in educating a significant number of court magicians that enabled courts to flourish at the height of the empire.
Sometime around the middle of the fifteenth century HC the college fell from grace and quickly lost importance. As the number of entrants gradually reduced, so did the quality of the graduates. With a continued drain on the expertise of the lecturers and tutors, the college found itself unable to continue its work. The final blow came in 1478HC when a large fire damaged parts of the college. Without funds to rebuild the college was forced to formally close its doors. There are still people working and living in the college, but they are mostly left to themselves and their books. One prominent member is Archmage Kaldabar. Rumored to be more than a hundred years old, he was taken out of retirement by Heirl Diem and now acts as one of Heirl's closest advisors.


The province is ruled by the powerful Kharnmoin family, led by Agelmore Kharnmoin from their lands near the town of Casonel. They have extensive links with the Avanese nobility on the other side of the Maesil. While this might make them appear a bit suspicious to many of the other nobles, they did make the important decision of supporting Heirl Diem as the new duke during the civil war.
The other noble family of notice is the Shoel family. Once a powerful house controlling large tracts of land along the Maesil, they are now nothing but a shadow of their former selves. A combination of war, badly planned marriages and hopeless business ventures have resulted in most of the family lands falling into the hands of other nobles or merchants.

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