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Avarien is a small province in Avanil?s northern frontier dominated by fields and orchards. While the terrain is mostly plains, a mix of small woods and hills dot the province, particularly in the west, where the foothills of the Seamist Mountains begin to rise. While the farms in the Anuire province tend to be owned by the nobility and farmed by free farmers, the real estate in Avarien is owned by independent farmers and homesteaders. The people here are also more resentful of the hand of government, seeing little value in a prince so far away and in wars that have little to do with them. Despite this attitude, the Avariens are fiercely devoted to their kin and neighbors and resent outsiders. Because of this, the people here willingly follow the Prince?s dictates and join the Prince?s levies. After all, these things keep outsiders away and protect their homes and hearths.
Avarien is ruled by the Loerien family. Nearly four hundred years ago, a man by the name of Caeridaen Loerien, a lieutenant to the prince of that day, moved his immediate family into the area after being named count. Since then, Caeridaen?s descendents have established a dynasty. Today, the patriarch of the Loerien family is Count Rhogarien Loerien (MAn; Ftr 4; Scion of Reynir, minor 9; CG). Rhogarien respects his people?s ways and is thus beloved of them. He has little time or interest in the Prince's court, though he serves as needed.
Caer Raine: Before the Loerien came to the province, it was ruled by House Raine from their seat of power at Caer Raine, near the northern border. In 56 MR, during the civil wars that shattered the Empire, a great Boeruinean host invaded northern Avanil after passing through what was then western Alamie. The Boeruinean army came through Avarien on their way south toward the Imperial City and consudcted a serious siege to protect their lines of supply and communication. Once they took it, the Boeruinieans put the place to the torch and pulled down the castle?s towers. The Raines themselves met a terrible end fighting to the very last.
Today all that remains of Caer Raine are the crumbling foundations of the old buildings and a few blocks strewn about in the grass. The place is oppressively quiet and deathly still, with the only sounds coming from the occasional gust of wind. A few of the local priests of Haelyn have established a small shrine in the ruins in order to honor the dead.

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