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Seasedge lies at the heart of the Archduchy, a great prosperous farmland with a large city within its boundaries, Seaharrow. Twenty thousands citizens populate this city symbolizing the might and power of His Grace, Aeric Boeruine. Its suburbs extend as far away as six hundred meters beyond the second city walls. Seaharrow is also a major center of culture, art and literature attracting great artists from all over Anuire.
Count Oelin Boeruine, brother of the archduke, is the Lord-Marshall of all Boeruine?s armies and ruler of Seasedge. His reputation honors him as a just and able governor and general as much as a strict but honest gentleman.
Presbyter Raemes, Presbyter of Seasedge (MAn; Cloistered Cleric 7 [NIT]; Scion of Anduiras, Minor, 26). The wealthy, influential and knowledgeable Bishop of Seasedge, previously Abbot of Borric Abbey, is one of the Archduke's close advisors and an outspoken proponent of the Boeruine family. He also speaks for Boeruine and the Archduke in particular on spiritual matters elsewhere in Anuire.
Seaharrow Castle: The home to the Boeruine?s family members is an immense castle with a defensive wall encircling it. The main keep isn?t made for war, but for habitation. Its walls are covered by white marble and the roof with bluish tiles (like the Bavarian Castles in Germany). The main complex contains three hundred different chambers and at least as many in a series of small buildings surrounding it. The tallest tower is the home of Arlen Innis.
Borric Abbey: The premiere theological institution in Boeruine (and second only to the Nowelton seminary in Talinie) was founded by the Archduke's father, Borric Boeruine, to train the faithful of the Principles of Fitzalan for eventual service in the Northern Imperial Temple.

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