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The County of Calant is covered by the Aelvinnwode but encompasses some hilly areas in the south which are filled with mines of the Boeruine Trading Guild. Calantean workforce consists primarily of woodsmen and miners all in the employ of the archduke's protégé Arien Borthien. A few farming communities exist, but their produce isn't enough to provide sufficient foodstuff for all the Calantean population other than the most basic necessities.

Arien Borthien chose the legitimate ruler of this province via some a series of of political and economical maneuverings which left the local nobility sidelined. Count Steele Mhoen (MA; Nbl3; Scion of Brenna, minor, 11) is Arien's brother-in-law and is extremely loyal. Tall, slender and young, Mhoen's background is that of a guilder rather than that of a noble - a fifth son of a minor noble he had a mercantile upbringing and won the attention of Borthien by making a small fortune from nothing. Count Mhoen's reputation amongst the aristocracy suffers from the deficiencies the nobles observe in his etiquette and continued attention to ignoble activities such as trade and craftsmanship rather than traditional noble concerns such as stewardship of the land and country pursuits. Some nobles go so far as to call him a buffoon, though his county coffers are full and he supports vital craftsmen that are necessary for the military deployed in other counties.

Caer Bhaele Manor: Located deep in the forest, north of the province capital of Caermor, this manor was home to the Bhaele Family for generations before the tragic incident of 499MR. At the very night of the Eve of the Dead, all the family members died in a fire that ravaged their home. The legend says that Lord Roene Bhaele made a pact with a demon to bring more fame and riches to his family and didn't pay up what the vile creature asked him in exchange. Nowadays, the manor's stone walls remains standing and some lights coming from it can be seen at night frightening the citizens of Caermor. Stones have marked the perimeter to discourage trespassing, two adventuring parties sent to the ruins to cleanse them of evil, however neither has returned and most people have abandoned the local area as a result.

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