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Arms of NietierArms of Nietier

Together with the province of Redoubt, Nietier is the main target of the elven raiding parties coming from the Valley of Rhuobhe Manslayer. Because of these regular exposures, its inhabitants are becoming more and more able to defend themselves, developing efficient tactics against the elven ability to hide themselves in forested areas. Nietier?s economy consists of woodcutting (minimal near Rhuobhe's frontier), and coal mining.
The Count Albion Stoneaxe (MDw; Ftr7; Scion of Reynir, minor, 18), friend to the archduke, tries to protect his fief's inhabitants with all his might against the Manslayer?s incursions and does it admirably.
The Defiance of Men: This outpost serves as the main eastern soldier garrison of the Archduchy. Two towers made from basalt stones excavated in the Seamist Mountains and four four-feet thick walls form this small fortress that has never been breached by Rhuobhe's forces. Its commander is the Count, but most of the time, another officer from the Oeroede Family replaces him.

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