"Tax" is a term that can have a variety of meanings in Birthright, depending on the context used.
  • For the (optional) game mechanic of raising the GB collection in a province, see Variant: Taxation modifiers
  • "Tax" can also refer to the Player vs. Player tactic of a province regent taking a percentage of the seasonal income from holdings in their realm (often but not limited to guild holdings), trade routes, etc. This is a matter of player agreement, and can be handled via diplomacy and/or decree. In this sense, any payment can be a "tax" - a tax to rule up a holding, a tax to pass troops through a province, a tax to not get invaded, etc.
  • Generally speaking, "tax" is also a role-play concept, as any peasant in the game world may be subject to a tax or levy - a province's income has to come from somewhere. However, this is an "assumed" fact of life and has no bearing on the game as far as the rules go.

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