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Arms of DhalaeseArms of Dhalaese

On the northern frontier, deep into the forest, Dhalaese is home to a vigorous people coming here to strip the land?s resources, mostly wood, iron and silver ores from the Seamist Mountains. The main community, Caerfoelae, a small fortified town, exist primarily for commerce, as it is the first agglomaration on the trade route coming from the Tuor province of Monsedge.
Count Maerde Dhalaese is the direct descendent of the first lord to be appointed to this fief by the defunct king of Boeruine before Deismaar. A hard laboring lord, Dhalaese offers what?s best for his serfs and citizens. He believes in justice, compassion and honor. His faith in Haelyn?s teachings is legendary. He is married to Niamh Khorien.
Mistful Pass Fortress: Deep into the mountains, this fortress guards the pass leading to Tuornen and its garrison consists of Boeruinean and Tuor forces allied to defend this important commercial route against brigands and humanoid raiding parties. Its commander is Lord Gaelin Montheal of Seaharrow (MA; Ftr6), an influential noble of Boeruinean heritage.

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