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Arms of ThurieneArms of Thuriene

Female Anuirean Noble 2/ Cleric 5; CR 7

Thane of Talinie, Supreme Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple

Lineage of Royalty

Major Bloodline of Anduiras, 30

LG Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 28/8

Init +0

Languages Anuirean

AC 18, touch 10, flatfooted 18

Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +10

Speed 20 ft armored

Melee Atk +7 (1d10 19-20/x2, defender), +6 (1d8 x2, masterwork heavy mace)

Base Atk +5; Grapple +1

Abilities Str 10, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 16


Thuriene DonallsThuriene Donalls

Typical Dialogue:

"The guilds are prosperity, and a prosperous citizen contemplates the good order that made him content."

"Torias, your wise counsel has been a blessing to our realm. We would feast you, but we must also listen to the counsel of Torele and our dear cousin Siobhan. Take no offence, for Haelyn doth proscribe the hearing of many ministers."

"I do not wish Storm Holtson in my realm again, so I shall not grant him passage. I reaffirm my ban on foreign guilders in my lands. It is for the best."


Thuriene Donalls is the Thane of Talinie and Supreme Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple. Thuriene is the daughter of Thalia Armara and Thurmond Donalls.
Thuriene succeeded her mother as Thane of Talinie as well as Supreme Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple. Thuriene's mother, Thalia Armara, united the two offices, institutionalizing a cooperation that was generations old. While her mother was worldly and only nominally the pastoral leader of her people, Thuriene is a commited follower of Haelyn's religious teachings. In many regards she is Supreme Hierarch before she is Thane. Haelyn teaches proesperity through group effort extensive labor. His doctrine emphisizes the value of work on the character and the benefits of sharing both the struggle and the reward. Thuriene hoped to elevate her people by just such a program of effort and reward, but Talinie lacked industrial skill. She sent agents to attempt to hire skilled master craftsmen, but instead the guilders Storm Holtson and Bannier Andien convinced her that they could provide the best training of local guilders by establishing their own guilds in Talinie. For a variety of reasons the Thane rejected the guilder's proposition, but did agree to a comprimise proposal offered by the Presbyter of Daliburgh, Torias Griene. The guilders would have a five year liscense to build a guild infrastructure and would thereafter be banned from operations in Talinie. Thuriene took the deal at its face value and endorsed it. The guilders saw the deal as an opportunity to set up a local front for their operation.
Thuriene, no skilled disecter of dissembling, thought she was bringing progress to advance the values of Haelyn, but in fact has advanced the values of Sarimie instead. The Thane has begun to realize that something is not right, but has yet to put her finger on it. Even when the guilders first arrived it was clear to some that the land was being exploited. The druids of Talinie complained to their friends in the powerful temples of Haelyn, but more ominously the Sidhe of Tuarhievel sent a letter of protest. Given the druids and the elves' protest, the Thane was seriously contemplating forswearing her agreement with the guilders, but Torias Griene was able to convince her that the Thane's policy was having the effect she intended. He argued that loyalty to the temples was increased, that the people were more prosperous, and that the druids and elves were over-reacting. Swayed by the presbyter Torias she replied cooly to the druids and to Prince Fhileraene. The druids held an emergency meeting in the Trautha ampitheater, the site of a source manifestation. Their archdruid, Alclud Kincardine, tried several times to bring their resolutions before the Thane, but her new Heirarch and second ranking priest, Torias Griene blocked their meeting on the basis of intolerance for the false teachings of rival faiths. Haelyn, he declared, was the only guide they needed. The long, friendly relationship between the druids and the Thane appeared to be at an end. Though the Thane sat on the Oak Seat, and her capital was a garden city like no other but Skapa Hjarring and Odemark, she was committed to her policy of putting Haelyn first. The fact that many priests of Haelyn had serious doubts about her policy towards the druids and towards the guilders went unnoticed because Torias Griene kept it away from the Supreme Hierarch's notice.
On counsel from Griene, the Thane prepared for war with Tuarhievel. As the crisis reached a boiling point, a young man appeared to put the dispute on ice. Torele Anviras had returned. Torele had disappeared one hundred years (some day to the day) before. Looking not a day older,except that his formerly bloodmarked red hair was now white, and claiming to only have been gonefor a year, the scion of the old Earls of Freestead was back with Sidhe friends and potent magical powers. Torele was a flurry of activity. He met with the druids and made a striking impression on Alclud Kincardine. He met with the envoy from the Sidhe, a man he seemed to know extreamlywell. He declared himself the wizard of Talinie and had at his disposal a great tower in the deepest woods of Freestead. At first no one knew what to make of him, and Torias Griene was quite alarmed. Thuriene took her own counsel at this point and allowed the new wizard of Talinie to settle the matter in his own way. Exactly what the druids and Sidhe agreed to is unknown.
Nevertheless, Torias Griene had cemented a powerbase as the second most powerful personin the temples and court of Talinie. He encouraged the Thane in her consideration of a ban on all other faiths, converting Talinie into a theocracy. The church and state were no longer merely joined, the church now ran the state. Thuriene has, however, begun to take counsel from others besides Torias. She hears the advice of the mage Torele and her cousin and presumptive heir, Siobhan Riedhie. Her cousin Siobhan, Presbyter of Newcayne, is one of the leading advocates ofthe teaching known as Holn's Companionship, which to hear Siobhan would do nothing more than restore the old alliance between the priests of Haelyn and the druids of Erik. Thuriene has grown disatisfied with the power and influence of the guilds, she becomes more and more aware of the exploitation of the land and of the people, and is begining to regard the whole state of affairs as incompatible with the teachings of Haelyn. Torias labors to maintain the status quo.

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