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Arms of TarieneArms of Tariene

Tariene is more than a faithful land; it is the main economical competitor of the Seasedge province. Its main economy consists of agricultural production, ore processing and commerce with other realms. The County is also renowned for its numerous festivals: beer, religious and knightly fairs are so common that a visitor might think that Tarieneans are all always on holiday (and this reputation serves them well).
The city of Tariene is the most important trade port in Boeruine. The city has access to the Miere Rhuann and the Black River.
Count and Presbyter Liemen Tariene rules Tariene as its worldly and spiritual leader. An autodidact, he climbed the religious echelons gradually until the Supreme Hierarch of the Northern Imperial Temple noticed him, was pleased by him and appointed him to his present post. He has only recently succeeded his father as Count of Tariene.
Baronet Arlen Treyneir is a minor noble in the province, sworn directly to the Archduke, Aeric Boeruine.
The University of Tariene is the most prestigious of the Western Coast.

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