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The people of Monsedge number among the most simple and superstitious Tuors. To their credit, anyone would be more apt to believe in faeries if he heard the wuthering of the moors as he watched heather dance in the breeze by moonlight, or lived a stone's throw from Croaker Norge, the peculiar, marshy gorge which gives the largest town in Monsedge its name. Although few travel there today, hundreds of years ago the gorge attracted bathers who enjoyed the bracing waters of the springs at its base.

Since the goblin invasion during the War of Brothers, people say the place has changed. Indeed, an unnatural fog often obscures its soft lam, and the creaking of many frogs in the area forms an eerie chorus. (The peopIe of Monsedge deny that they are frightened of something as simpIe as a frog, but young boys never bring them home to frighten their sisters, and the quickest way to start a fight in Monsedge is to throw a frog onto a tavern table).

Monsedge is also home to Mad Maeve, if she truly exists. Those who live closest to Croaker Norge say they often see her stealing into the early morning mists there. Croaker Norge, the larger of Monsedge's two towns, lies a few miles southeast of the marshy gorge for which it is. named. Home to nearly 600 people, Croaker Norge exports raw timber and coal shipped from Black Hill. Its people are generally loggers, herders, and hunted, though a handful of farming families live aIong the southern edge of the province.

Black Hill is a small but busy coal mining town. Its people are. touch and fatalistic. Many of those who work in the mines die very young. despite the effort of the priest of the Western Imperial Temple. Everyone talks of leaving town for a better Iife, but almost no one does.

On the border of Boeruine, a pass go through the Seamists Mountains allowing trade with the Archduchy from spring until autumn.

While it is said that any man can find a high station in Tuornen, Willam Redstaff is. the exception, not the rule. Willam is one of the few commoners to have risen to the rank of sheriff. He is a good and loyal servant, yet his simple, straightforward thinking is a source of many jokes and mockeries. Fortunately. Willam is as good-natured about his own limitations as he is fervent in overseeing the lands of Monsedge.

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