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Arms of FhoruileArms of Fhoruile

Bordering Talinie and the Black River, Fhoruile presents itself as a noble resort as all members of the Archduchy?s nobility have a private domain to pass summer and fall times far from political and administrative parts of their respective life. Large latifundias exists along the river and each has its little army of mercenaries, hired men and militias to protect it against raids or bandits.
Its lord, Count Raenwe Fhoruile (MA; Nbl4/Wiz?1; Scion of Anduiras, minor, 13), rules his fief fairly and assures the prosperity and safety of all latifundias as they provide its main economical revenues and are the source of its immense renown.
Black River Falls: This maginificient natural attraction is the most important feature of the County. These waterfalls, as high as 30 meters in some point, consists of three main arms filling a large, two hundred meter diameter basin and are the end of a southern confluent coming from Fhoruile. Then the water from the basin presses forward to the Black River. At the top of each precipice and along each side of the confluent, a great number of latifundias were built in the recent years. This paradise is now reserved to gens of the nobility.

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