Mebhaighl is the elven term for the magical energy that envelops Aebrynis, found most greatly away from civilization, some sages say that mebhaighl is the essence of life itself explaining why it is stronger in swamps and forests, others claim it to be the lifeblood of Aebrynis thus explaining how the great mountains surge with its raw vitality.
All agree however that the manifestations of civilization are inimical to mebhaighl, and that its natural flow along ley lines is disrupted by roads, dams, bridges and the like. Only the elves who care little for such unnatural constructions can live without disrupting the flow of mebhaighl, indeed they are often remarked to be stronger and more vital when wrapped in its deep caress and shun places where the magic of the land is weak or absent.
When shaped by one wise in the ways of magic, mebhaighl can be pooled into great source manifestations, only through such holdings can wizardry domain magic be empowered and so true wizards concern themselves greatly with the mebhaighl about them. Ruornil and his clergy also care greatly for the mebhaighl and his clergy often hold manifestations of natural sources to be sacred.
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