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Arms of RivienArms of Rivien

Rivien was settled after Roele?s coronation, and this savage land was civilized progressively to become one of the most populated areas in all Anuire. The Aelvinnwode has been reduced to light wooded lands or simply to small bushes and trees. The Boeruine Trading Guild extracts iron and coal ore from the hill in the north and large farming communities have emerged during the past century where sawmills prospered.
The Count, Harran Tielen was once a minister in Boeruine?s court executing all the decisions concerning agriculture and ore mining. However, in 549MR, Arien Borthien and the Raelnien Family pushed him out of the Archduke?s entourage and he retired to his county. The rumors say that he was beginning to see what the Raelniens and the guild master were planning and was about to tell Aeric Boeruine about it. It is said that Borthien came to him with a very good reason to ?accept? his exile from the capital, but no one knows what it was.

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