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Arms of RedoubtArms of Redoubt

As the other province bordering Rhuobhe's frontier, Redoubt offers only forested and mountainous lands punctuated by some rocky clearings. The main economy of this fief incorporates iron and coal mining and woodcutting. All the small communities established in this County are temporary as they move from deposit to deposit. The largest settlement is Soeberth, a fortified town on the shore of the Elfwash River and home to about 1000 inhabitants. Soeberth is an economical center for this region as it serves as a meeting point for Boeruinean and Taeghasean merchants.
Count Raeban Oeroede (MA; Nbl2/Ftr5; Scion of Anduiras, minor, 15), a tall and muscular Anuirean noble, governs his fief with an iron hand as he thinks that his duty to protect his people can only be fulfilled through total control over them. He uses the laws as he sees fit to ensure that everything is under (his) control.
The Sidheliadh: Deep into the forests and mountains leading to Rhuobhe's lair, two ancient elven towers guard its entry and warn any undesired human visitors to stay back. Though, these two spires are abandoned, humans fear them for the symbol they represent. A year ago, a group of adventurers tried to pass the virtual frontier formed by the towers, when some kind of energy field stopped them from entering Rhuobhe's domain. Arlen Innis was appointed to the task of breaking this barrier a month ago after the Archduke learned about the adventurers. The High Mage is working on this since then.

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