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The Defiance of Men castleThe Defiance of Men castle

The Defiance of Men is a major stronghold in Neiter. The castle is built on two mountain hills overlooking an important pass into Avanil, now known as "Michelle's Pass." The pass was named for one of the few women rulers of Boeruine, the Archduchess Michelle Boeruine. The Castle has two keeps, one built near the summit of Mount Olympos, and another built on a lower hill of the mountain. The Keep oversees two small towers that mark Boeruine's border with Avan in this part of the Seamist Mountains.
The Defiance of Men overlooks two small mountain towns populated by Anuireans devoted to Boeruine. The towns are Seamist Creek and Orionton respectively. Both house about 750 souls, and during times of war, the people of the town can flee there. The castle has been designed so that a few men and withstand a huge army coming through the pass.


The Defiance of Men holds one unit of pikemen, and one unit of archers. It is also large enough to maintain a unit of knights. The garrison is commanded by Albion Stoneaxe, a Dwarven commander. If needed, the castle can support two more units of swordsmen in times of war. Also, there is enough supplies for about two thousand people for one year. Thus a small army can withstand a larger army in siege for about five months.

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